World Paper Free day raises awareness of the massive losses in productivity and tremendous damage done to the environment caused by continuing to hang on to outdated paper processes. In our hyper-connected mobile digital world there is no reason why we should be taking documents offline where they can't be tracked and maintained securely.
While many companies still rely on pen and paper to transact business, DocuSign customers have discovered a better way for their business and the environment. Digital Transaction Management (DTM) eliminates the need for printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting paper documents to transact business — resulting in a better environmental impact for all types and sizes of organizations around the globe.
For resellers, offering Digital Transaction Management and eSignature solutions to clients not only brings benefits in terms of additional revenue but also demonstrates they are at the cutting edge of technological innovation. DTM and eSignatures represent the inevitable shift in how business will get done – 100% digitally. Here at DocuSign we believe that resellers can add real value to clients by helping them make their digital transformation with DocuSign. Already our partners such as Desynit are taking full advantage by offering 'business in a box' solutions incorporating essential technology including Google for Work, Salesforce and DocuSign DTM.