On any given night, 40% of hotel rooms around the world lay empty and unoccupied. HotelTonight stands as a solution to this problem, aiming to bridge the gap between hotels trying to fill up rooms and travelers looking for a place to stay.

“There wasn’t a really easy way to get a last minute hotel, and from a hotel’s perspective, they need a way to efficiently fill up these rooms,” said Jared Simon, COO of HotelTonight. “We thought about HotelTonight as a way to bring these two people together.”

As the world’s first travel service designed exclusively as a mobile app, HotelTonight relies on speed, efficiency, and ease of contract signing to facilitate its transactions. To reach that standard, CEO Sam Shank and his team decided to use DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform to close deals faster and create a simpler, more secure experience for its hotel partners.

Prior to partnering up with DocuSign, HotelTonight was constantly wading through piles and piles of paper. As Shank recalls, the company was regularly issuing 15-page contracts that had to be printed, signed, scanned, and emailed, forcing all parties involved to jump through several hoops just to get things done. 

Fed up with the sheets and looking to increase efficiency, HotelTonight turned to DocuSign for Salesforce, which allows users to send documents for signature directly from within Salesforce. After switching to the DocuSign platform, HotelTonight found that it helped automate their workflow. “It gave us the ability to keep our contract simple, gave us the ability to keep the process simple for hotels, and gave them the ability to complete our contract on whatever type of device anywhere in the world,” said Shank.

In addition, DocuSign for Salesforce helps HotelTonight maintain the highest level of data accuracy. “It’s the hotelier that is entering the information versus us. DocuSign’s integration with our business systems ensures one version of the truth based on what hoteliers provide us,” says Simon. “As soon as they DocuSign, our systems are updated with their current information.”

With the ability to send documents for e-signature directly from Salesforce, HotelTonight also found its sales pipeline to be much improved. “No matter where I am in the world,” says Simon, “I can track how many hotels we have in the production pipeline, which account manager is having the most success – all from my mobile device with DocuSign.”

Best of all, just like HotelTonight itself, DocuSign for Salesforce is also supported via mobile, allowing the HotelTonight team to monitor performance and send out documents all from the comfort of their phones.

HotelTonight’s integration with DocuSign for Salesforce has proven to be very beneficial. Currently, 10,000 hotels around the world partner with HotelTonight to fill up their last-minute inventory. Of those 10,000 hotels, Simon estimates that “9,950 of those partners have been signed up via DocuSign,” a figure Simon attributes to the value of DocuSign’s DTM platform.  For HotelTonight, more partners leads to more options for their customers and more revenue.

With DocuSign for Salesforce, HotelTonight has experienced a better, simpler process that improves their business at large. The ease of access is fantastic for all parties involved, and helps HotelTonight stand out in the industry. As Simon puts it, “There is a direct relationship between the ease with which we allow our partners to work with us, and their willingness to work with us, and every time we make it easier, we add one more partner. That’s value for us.”

To learn more about how HotelTonight has streamlined their contract process, please watch their short 1-minute case study video here.

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