In Salesforce’s most recent release, the CRM giant has delivered powerful new business intelligence capabilities, more ways to collaborate on deals and projects, and even greater control over your data.

The updates are designed to help sales reps manage and close more deals faster, with a streamlined user interface, workspaces for opportunities and leads, integrated email, and lots of other new features for sales pros.

I hosted a webinar on the DocuSign for Salesforce solution, but here are a few of the highlights from the latest update that will help you to speed up the sales cycle and book more revenue.

Mobile: Do More On the Go

Things keep getting better for sales reps on the go. The Salesforce1 mobile app gets a bit of a facelift, with an easier-to-read font, labels in the action bar to identify what each action is, and infinite scrolling on feeds and record pages. And new Notes and Files related lists make it easier to stay up on business-critical resources.

Microsoft Integration: Sync and Work Between Microsoft Systems and Salesforce

This is an interesting development that has surfaced since the two leaders announced a strategic partnership. Get users syncing contacts, events, and tasks between Microsoft email systems and Salesforce, as well as working with Salesforce records directly in Outlook and other Microsoft email apps. Watch this space for further integrations that will make you more productive than ever before.

Productivity Features: Help Sales Reps Do More with Lightning Experience

It’s important for you to focus on things that help keep your deals moving along. Integrated email, an activity timeline, and a better experience with calendars and events help you stay concentrated on the important things for closing deals fast.


I recently hosted a webinar to demonstrate how DocuSign’s integration with Salesforce delivers faster document turnaround times, increased accuracy, and a more streamlined sales process. Click here to watch it.



In the meantime, you can see how DocuSign for Salesforce works in action. Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect.

Take a look at the Salesforce Winter ’16 Release Notes for more information on the latest developments.