How to add an electronic signature to a PDF

How to add an electronic signature to a PDF

Do you want to add an electronic signature to a PDF safely and securely? It's effortless to add an electronic signature to a PDF without leaving the application - no matter what document, PDF contract, or agreement needs a signature. If you plan to send PDFs to your customers for signature, they don’t need to create a DocuSign account to sign. The recipient of your envelope simply needs to open the email, click on the link provided to the document—and sign. Read on to discover everything you need to know about adding a signature to a PDF.

Adding an electronic signature to a PDF in DocuSign 

To sign a PDF, you first need to create an electronic signature in your DocuSign account. If you don’t already have a DocuSign account, feel free to sign up for a free trial. When it comes to signing, you can either:

  • Choose an electronic signature from the DocuSign gallery
  • Create an electronic signature with your mouse or a touch screen device
  • Upload your handwritten signature to use as an electronic signature

Discover how to create an electronic signature. Don’t worry, as your electronic signature doesn’t have to look exactly the same as your ‘wet-ink’ signature; any symbol or squiggle will stand up in a court of law as representing your intent to sign.

Electronic Signature for a PDF that you’re sending 

After you create your electronic signature, you can sign and send your document to the recipient in minutes:

Step 1. Go to your DocuSign account or sign up for a free trial 

Step 2. Upload the PDF that requires an online signature

Step 3. Drag and drop the signature field to the correct location on the PDF file, ready for the recipient to sign

Step 4. Sign the document yourself, click finish and send your document with a digital signature

How to electronically sign a PDF online that you receive  

If you receive a PDF, follow these steps to add a signature to the PDF document online:

Step 1. Sign up for a free trial at DocuSign, and log in

Step 2. Select ‘New’, then click sign a document, and then upload the PDF you need to sign

Step 3. Select sign, and then drag your electronic signature from the left pane into the PDF

Step 4. Send the signed document back to the sender

Is adding an electronic signature to a PDF online secure?  

Yes, electronic signatures are safe, and it’s secure to add an electronic signature to a PDF. With an electronic signature, the PDF receives encrypted data that can only be correctly read by the recipients who have the proper authorisation. What’s more, as it is not editable, the possibility of fraud is less. There is also a clear audit trail so information can be consulted later, if necessary. 

Legality guide to eSignature


Why add an electronic signature from DocuSign? 

DocuSign makes it easy to add a signature to a PDF while preserving the document’s security. Signing with DocuSign eSignature is faster, safer and more accessible than traditional signatures created with a pen on paper.  Electronic signatures are legally binding in the UK and most countries around the world with the Law Commission for England and Wales formally ruling that “Electronic signatures can be used to sign formal legal contracts under English law”. 

It really is that simple. No more printing, scanning, mailing and waiting for documents to be sent back and forth. Just navigate smoothly with electronically signed PDFs. Register free online for a 30-day free trial of DocuSign eSignature and try it for yourself. 

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