How to create a paperless HR department

Go paperless while increasing efficiency and compliance

Can HR really go paperless? There is no doubt that going paperless in HR can increase efficiency and compliance as well as provide better experiences for employees. So, how can you make HR processes paperless? 

Many HR professionals still use multiple manual processes and provide traditional paper documents. Manual, paper processes can increase the risk of errors due to the manual transfer of information. In a Forrester State of Systems of Agreement 2020 study commissioned on behalf of DocuSign, 54% of respondents said that they had to duplicate work to re-enter data from manual agreements into systems of record. Manual processes can also incur additional expenses related to printing and posting. In this article, we look at how you can begin to create a paperless HR department. 

How to go paperless in HR and increase efficiency and compliance

Digital transformation of HR services and processes can rapidly reduce your organisation’s paper use, therefore helping the environment and reducing costs. It also saves the time spent manually preparing contracts. Here are some of the ways HR can go paperless:

Use digital solutions

Digital solutions allow HR departments and professionals to automate internal processes to provide better employee experiences while streamlining and simplifying HR admin tasks. Using digital tools helps to make HR tasks paperless, and those tasks can include recruiting, employee onboarding, payroll management and employee benefits management. Digital solutions allow HR professionals to optimise daily tasks with simplicity and security. 

Make HR processes paperless with DocuSign eSignature

An example of a digital solution that can bring immediate benefits to HR is eSignature. For companies with employees in different locations or whose teams are working remotely, adopting eSignature as a digitised process can be a moment of positive change. Every document that would have been printed, signed and saved can now be stored in the cloud, including new hire agreements, contractor agreements and employee policies. 

DocuSign eSignature streamlines contract signing, increases productivity, and allows HR professionals to become more agile. Using DocuSign eSignature can free up time to focus on more strategic actions that benefit the whole organisation. In addition to keeping all documents stored in the cloud, you can easily:

  • Check and access documents from any device
  • Create tags and sections to make it easier to search for contracts and forms
  • Ensure that documents are signed on time
  • Send, receive, approve and manage files from anywhere, with or without Internet access

Companies like Salesforce and Virgin Holidays are already using DocuSign in their respective HR departments. It’s not surprising then that the 14 out of 15 of Glassdoor’s ‘Best Places to Work’ are all customers of DocuSign. 

Increase HR contract management efficiency with DocuSign CLM

Using other digital technology to make HR paperless such as contract lifecycle management software also helps to limit the errors and inaccuracies that are often found in manual, paper-based processes. DocuSign CLM enables HR teams to automate contracts and agreements. 

Digitising HR processes can help you to digitally transform your HR department and spend more time on people, not paper. 

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