Contributed by Sam Hufton, Commercial Director at Ricemedia Digital Agency

As a Commercial Director at Ricemedia, I’m responsible for new business acquisition and nurturing client relationships.  We specialize in helping our clients market themselves through SEO, PPC, content marketing, CRO and social paid – the whole digital suite. This is a blink and move market, so time management tops the priority charts. To make workflow easier for all stakeholders, I wanted something that integrated easily into our existing cloud software. DocuSign came to mind from previous dabbles. Lo and behold, it merged well with all our major cloud CRM platforms, particularly Google Drive; since implementation, I’ve a plethora of best practices and tips to share. Ultimately, with cloud-based tools, your success rate always looks upwards – towards the clouds. Here are the top three benefits to keep in mind.

Sign New Clients within the Hour

New business is the heart and soul of lasting success, so I cannot professionally function without an easy way for all parties to sign onboard. With pen and paper, it used to take over a week for clients to square off documents. Once we started using DocuSign, the whole process streamlined instantly: a new client is only one hour away from sealing the deal. Everyone appreciates the savings in time and stress

Close More Business

My jam-packed days require smooth and secure software that I could rely upon to help me track signatures and documents. With a Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform, I’m a click away from closing a deal. Sometimes people worry that brevity cancels out the security, but digital tools circa now pack in ironclad security so deals can funnel through seamlessly one after the other.

Extra Time to Focus on What’s Important

Because DocuSign for Google Drive buttoned up our contract workflow, we expanded our DTM use for all other document workflow. No matter the document, my teams rest assured that everything is automatically and securely organized; if we need to grab a signature, the platform automatically pings stakeholders until they execute the documents. The babysitting is out of our hands; instead, we can focus on what truly counts: Developing our clients’ success.

Have you tried DocuSign for Google Drive yet? Download it now from the Chrome Web Store.