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No Time? No Problem. How to Increase Your Productivity with DocuSign

Unfortunately, paperwork is just one part of the productivity challenges in the modern era.

Salary.com reported in its last “Wasting Time at Work” survey that 89% of respondents admitted they wasted time at work each day. More than half confess to squandering up to an hour a day on meaningless pursuits. The distracting culprits? No big surprise:

  • Social media
  • Internet surfing
  • Interruptions
  • Repetitive meetings
  • Endless email strings

Turning off the temptations is NOT the answer

Yes, bosses can encourage fewer and more productive meetings. Emails can be limited to two communications only before a real conversation is required. But stringently policing social media and non-work related internet access could have adverse effects.

Nearly 10% in that survey would leave their job if strict online policies were put in place and a significant portion said it could cause them to reject a job offer. Plus, there is validity in people needing to take mental breaks from time to time.

Make sure your time spent actually working is more productive

Coffee runs. Social posting. Texting. Following sports. Chatting at work. Online shopping. Those interruptions are not going away, especially with the prevalence of mobile apps. To counter, many productivity gurus recommend making sure that when work IS being done, it is being done in the very best ways possible.

Productivity doesn’t have to be rocket science 

Most have embraced automated solutions such as CRM (75%+ of companies have implemented[1]), HRMS & HRIS (50%+ adoption[2]), ERPs (now a $10B market[3]), and the like. With these on premise and cloud-based powerhouses, processes flow through the system…until the document gets to the approval and signature stage. Then suddenly everything becomes “old school” with printers, scanners, faxes, pens, and even typewriters.

While the hours, days, and weeks it takes for documents to be sent, signed, and mailed back offer plenty of opportunities for employees to online shop, update their profiles, and follow their home team at their desks, it puts a dent in the bottom line (80% of managers and directors waste up to an hour a day looking for documents[4].)

It’s time to consider some time-saving tech

Simply adding automation into your paperwork approval and signing processes can yield amazing results. And since electronic signature tools are integrated into most business must-haves such as Salesforce, Office 365, Google Docs and the like, it’s not a forklift implementation.

See for yourself. Get started with electronic signatures.

Get to "yes" faster with DocuSign electronic signatures.



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  1. If a company blocks the internet usage, I see more associates who will just do it from their mobile devices anyway.

    • I agree with Kyle. If someone wants to be on the internet they will find a way , regardless if the company blocks the internet .

  2. I agree with Kyle’s statement, now it is just as easy to access the internet on a phone as it is on a computer

    • Chris McMath

      September 29, 2015 at 6:30 am

      It’s a good point! We have a BYOD culture as we believe in empowering our workforce with the tech that enables them to do their jobs better.

    • Agreed. Sometimes doing a bit of surfing, I find I can learn quite a bit. For example, does responding to this blog post count as productive or non-productive work?

  3. I agree with Kelly. Any company pushing efforts to limit employee time or access to the web is likely focusing on the wrong thing. Smartphones and tablets will be the go to device for wasting time any way. Instead, focus on how to make work more engaging so employees are more focused while in the office.

  4. If you take it away they will find a way somehow. I feel like taking a break from work on social media is the new smoke break…. just make sure people do not abuse it!

  5. My biggest distraction at work is distracting noise around me. I am a department of one and I sit in a big, open room with a different department of about 30 people, several of which have very loud voices and/or laughs. I deal with this by putting noise-cancelling headphones on sometimes so I can focus. (Secret – sometimes there’s nothing playing on the headphones!)

  6. Technolgy rabbit holes can eat a lot of time.

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