For some of us, DocuSign is much more than an application to sign documents. More than ever, people are using DocuSign as the command center for keeping their business moving forward. Whether it’s getting reminders to sign documents that your team is waiting on or receiving a notification once a new client has signed their agreement, DocuSign is changing the way people do business anytime, anywhere.

And now we’ve made it even easier.

The DocuSign Today Widget allows you to quickly and easily get an update on your outstanding documents right from the Today Tab in your Notification Center on iOS. You can even take action on those outstanding items right from the window with buttons that take you directly into our signing experience.

Why is this great?

The Today tab in iOS gives users a dashboard view of their most important items of the day without requiring them to go into each individual app. This makes it easier to keep tabs on things that need your attention and reminds you to address them. With DocuSign now enabled as a Today Widget, you can get all of your important updates in a single glance.


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