Today, at DocuSign MOMENTUM`16 London, we have a great opportunity to lead the acceleration of digital transformations across an entire continent, which is why we have announced our Invest for Europe initiative. This region is full of businesses with incredible potential and the forthcoming eIDAS regulation will play a significant role in helping them tap into this. The regulation will be a step in the right direction towards the EU’s ideal of seamless cross-border transactions and will be central to the success of the Digital Single Market. Now is the perfect time to invest in Europe.

This is not a one-off investment either. We are committing to Europe on multiple fronts. Here’s how:

Standards-Based Signatures

This new suite will allow businesses of all sizes to compete at speed and scale in a market where electronic signatures are now standardised across the EU. This will take compliance worries out of the hands of businesses and allow them to transact digitally with speed and efficiency.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment Offerings

From this autumn we will offer this capability, allowing enterprises to use our Standards-Based Signatures while maintaining control over the authentication of signers. For organisations contending with extra layers of regulation, this will allow them to manage risk and compliance in a way that works best for them.

Three European Data Centres

Data centres in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris underline our ongoing commitment to Europe as does the fact that we have two more currently under construction. Our Global Trust Network continues to expand and we continue to take the security of our customers’ data seriously, all around the world.

The Trust Service Provider Programme

This new programme will be an expansion of the partner programme, now incorporating Certificate Authorities (CAs) and Trust Service Providers (TSPs). This gives our customers a chance to benefit from our partners’ proven services, further strengthening the local trust we have built throughout the region.

European Advisory Board for the xDTM Standard Association

BASF, Linklaters, Olswang, SAP and others have joined the board in support of creating a trusted digital environment that protects and empowers organisations and consumers to conduct business securely anywhere in the world.

Our investment in Europe is the result of two years of technology breakthroughs, the in-depth development of our platform, three global acquisitions and the building of data centres in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris. The scope of this investment makes it the boldest in the company’s history and gives us the chance to lead digital transformations for businesses across the entire continent. And it’s not just us saying this. Some of Europe’s biggest businesses are supporting our investment.

Dow Jones, BASF and Deutsche Bank have all welcomed the increased confidence that the eIDAS regulation will bring to completing digital transactions across Europe. Endorsements from such successful businesses prove that we are on the right track and that the time is right to invest in Europe.

Be Boundless: Drive Global Business with eSignatures

To learn more, watch the webinar, “Be Boundless: Drive Global Business with eSignatures” to understand how you can best capitalise on this new opportunity and what the new regulation means for your business, whether in the UK, or the EU.

The eIDAS Regulation’s intent is to enable convenient and secure electronic transactions across EU borders for citizens, businesses, and public sector institutions.