A funny thing happens when we all start demanding the same thing. People listen and trends turn into reality.

When it comes to doing business digitally—from anywhere, at anytime and via any mobile device—it just makes sense that we should be able to square off contract X or document B in a matter of seconds. Today, we recognize that we can be productive and creative within or outside the physical office. In fact, countless studies add scientific muscle behind the reality that mobile flexibility feeds productivity.

And speaking of productivity, we’re thrilled to share that DocuSign’s Android app is the winner of this years Tabby Awards/Business for best productivity app. In the words of the Tabby Awards Judging Panel:

“DocuSign is very simple application that focuses on the core experience of signing documents. Well crafted app, neat user-experience, sharp business value. Great app, easy to use and works well and delivers upon value proposition. The tablet version looks great. Nicely done.”

We recognize that mobile devices are a must-have for productivity. Everyone raise up your smartphones of choice: You’re in control of your own (business) destiny. Office spaces no longer confine our success or creativity.

Whether you’re hopping across the pond or lining up for a cronut in NYC (required brain fuel), DocuSign’s mobile app will carry you to the finish line. Here’s to your continued success and productivity!

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