As our world becomes increasingly digital and “always-on”, the speed of sales and customer engagement have seemingly jumped into hyper drive. Our customer and prospect communities are now taking to social media and other ‘instant’ forms of communication and, as sales professionals, we need to rapidly adapt so that we can quickly translate our approach to an entirely new audience.

Dive a little deeper into this new digital sales world and you’ll uncover the term “social selling,” which requires a finessed ear and eye in order to fully engage with prospects and customers. So what’s this new language all about?

It’s all about customer service.

Just as Digital Business moves you closer to your revenue goals, social selling connects you with your customers at a deeper level. It’s now a conversation between you and the prospect: an intimate discussion on how to improve the prospect’s business results. Given social network’s interface, you can both delight your audience and boost revenue potential in seconds.

But what’s the best way to set yourself up as the go-to social sales professional? I’ve two guiding pillars for you to consider on your path to becoming a social sales guru.

Set The Tone

We often resort to a casual voice on social media, but never forget that this is business. That being said, always take a moment to gauge how your prospect engages with social media. Ask yourself the following:


What is their tone?Use your best judgment when responding to your prospect in order to forge a direct connection with them.

Are they tweeting or posting Facebook comments about business pain points? ­– Don’t be shy about researching their feeds for clues as to how you can solve their problems through digital business platforms.

Following Up is Key – If you engage with a prospect, do you follow up on their questions? Serve them as a one-stop resource and redefine ‘instant gratification’ for the Sales crowd.

Make an Impression

Ultimately, social selling is an exercise in listening carefully. With the brevity of a few characters, you’re reaching outside of the screen to welcome prospects to the opportunities available with your solution. You’re introducing yourself as not just a sales person, but as a consultant who is interested in positive outcomes for their business.

I encourage you to embrace the social selling opportunity. Take time to follow thought leaders like Jill Rowley (@jill_rowley) and Matt Heinz (@HeinzMarketing) and become an active part of this community. I welcome your thoughts and strategies on how to connect with prospects through social media.

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