An Interview with Dave Marcus, Senior Vice President of Alliances at K2

We’ve all heard the saying; “there’s an app for that.”

What about “Bring Your Own Apps (BYOA)?”

Our recent partner, K2, has built an integration to offer customers a solution where digital signatures meet process applications to deliver end to end digital transactional processes to any device, your way.

We caught up with Dave recently to talk about business process applications and digital signatures.

What drove you to partner with DocuSign? 

Many of the content-centric processes our customers automate with K2 are more valuable with digital signatures added. Traditionally, digital signature technologies and business process automation solutions are siloed, and we wanted to bring them together in a much more useful way.

Forrester Research says the e-signature market will focus more on process and less on signing:
“Enterprises will need to control the e-signature process for uniformity of records and legal confidence. As a result, the enterprise e-signature market will become less about obtaining the signature and more about controlling and automating the signature process. Enterprises will request customized offerings to automate workflow and records routing.” The Forrester Wave™: E-Signatures, Q2 2013, Craig LeClair, Forrester Research, April 29, 2013

Our customers tell us the same thing. DocuSign is a leader in the digital signature space, and K2 is a leader in the business process applications space. This partnership made perfect sense for both companies and our customers’ benefit.

How will K2 customers benefit from integration with DocuSign?

With the integration between K2 and DocuSign, customers can focus on the process knowing that all aspects, including workflow, forms, signing, auditing and tracking, are managed without having to use custom coding. K2 and DocuSign enable customers to take traditionally siloed efforts and bring them together in a holistic way to solve significant business problems.

Are you merging with DocuSign for Office 365? 

K2 has a very strong offering for Office365 and the integration can easily be used in conjunction with DocuSign’s Office365 offering.

What are the key user best practices that galvanize customer ROI? 

Break the silos between the master process and the digital signing “process”. Think about the end-to-end needs and the insights you need from the process, then determine how players like K2 and DocuSign can help manage that process.

What pain points need to be resolved for K2 users? 

Many of the K2 processes our customers deploy are focused on processing documents, from contracts management, employee or vendor onboarding, and beyond. Digital signatures, when integrated with K2, enable customers to track, manage and validate content and confirm the process that content went through in a consistent manner.

How are you bringing mobile solutions to your customers?

Mobile is a major focus for both K2 and DocuSign. K2 has already made significant investments in native mobile apps, and K2 Mobile is a core focus for the company. The integration between K2 and DocuSign fully supports the use of DocuSign for Mobile.

From your perspective, are apps the key trend in successful business management? 
Apps are the “language of business” today. The concept of “bring your own app” is becoming as important as “bring your own device” has been over the past few years. Customers want the flexibility of easy, quick time to market applications, but also want some level of governance to ensure things don’t get out of control. K2 and DocuSign help to deliver that vision.

Security and compliance is always a hot topic. What will security look like with this integration? 
Security is top of mind for K2. Ensuring that only the people that are allowed to participate in the process do so is always paramount; otherwise, the results can be catastrophic. K2 and DocuSign integration support this need and leverages the best each company has to offer as it applies to securing their part of the process.

How do customers take advantage of this solution?

Customers that have both K2 and DocuSign today can go to the K2 community site and download the integration components.

Thanks, Dave!

DocuReaders: Leave any questions and thoughts for Dave in the comments below and stay tuned for a response!

K2 blackpearl customers can now embed DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management and eSignature solutions into to their K2 business process applications. To find out more about how the K2 integration with DocuSign can bring value to your organization, please join us for a webcast on October 22nd from 10am – 11am PST. To register, visit: