The “Customer Spotlight” series shines a light on DocuSign customers who are benefiting from digitising their business processes with electronic signatures.

Dave McGrath explained how Kantar Media gets sales contracts signed in minutes after implementing DocuSign for Salesforce.

Q: To start, can you tell us a bit about Kantar Media and your role?

Sure, so we’re a global media intelligence company. We help our clients track and evaluate their press coverage across all forms of media.

As the sales director, I look after a unit of the team specifically designed to target SME organisations. There are 30 of us split into two new business teams and a client services team. My division looks after 2,000 clients and has a turnover of about £6 million per annum.

Q: What business challenge(s) were you trying to improve upon when you started considering electronic signatures?

It was purely the time-saving element. We were finding that at the end of month deals would drift because people weren’t able to quickly sign and send them back.

The knock-on effect was that the teams would miss their targets and the deals would roll into next month. Even when they rolled, sometimes they still didn’t come in because of the time that had elapsed. Things seemed to disappear. That was the biggest challenge: speeding up the sales process up.

Q: Do you know how long the contracting process was taking before electronic signatures?

Getting an order form back could take weeks. Now, with the advent of DocuSign, we’ve carved that down to 24 hours. Some of the team are receiving signed contracts back in minutes.

Q: That’s great to hear. So, how did you first hear about DocuSign?

I was researching solutions and discussed it with a colleague in the IT department who was also looking into the technology. We looked a few different vendors and decided DocuSign was a nice fit. It had the integration with Salesforce, which was important to us as we use Salesforce a lot, as our CRM tool.

Q: Can you describe how you’re using DocuSign within Salesforce?

We have four different contracts that can be sent out for signature, depending on who we’re selling to. With the help of DocuSign’s support team and our Salesforce administrator, we’ve also configured custom buttons.

It pulls all the data through to the contract: names, values, and quotes. There’s very little the sales reps have to do, other than clicking a button and sending it out. This way, the reps never leave Salesforce.

Q: What do you value most about using DocuSign for Salesforce?

One of the most important things we do, as sales people, is save signed contracts back into Salesforce. That process was manually done before. So, it saves time and prevents contracts getting held up if a salesperson has forgotten to that. The fact that’s automatically done when the contract comes back is a massive plus.

From a sales manager’s position, I need my team on the phone, calling and selling as much as possible. We’ve increased that likelihood by reducing the admin involved, so that alone is a massive money saver.

Q: Have your sales team provided any feedback on the eSignature solution?

The feedback is all really positive. When they’re talking to clients and the clients say, “Yes, send the contract over via DocuSign,” it’s an indication that we’re going to get it signed quickly because they wouldn’t be asking for it otherwise.

A classic example was with one of the reps who was trying to get a contract signed on the last day of the month. The guy was out of the office, in his car when a customer called him on his mobile. He pulled over, jumped on his phone and signed the contract via DocuSign then and there. That is a contract that we wouldn’t have got back until the following month had we not had DocuSign.

Q: And, from a customer’s perspective, have you received any feedback from them at all?

Yes, all the feedback has been positive. It was a bad experience for our clients before we had DocuSign because they had to open an attachment, print the attached documents, sign it, scan it and email it back to us. We want to make the sales process as quick and easy as possible, and that elongated process would put them off.

Q: Do you have any advice for businesses or sales leaders who are seeking to deploy electronic signatures?

I’d say it’s an absolute no-brainer for any sales team. Especially if you’re in a team like ours that is high volume; lots of deals; lots of contracts going out. If you’re using any CRM, like Salesforce for example, you have to be using DocuSign to ensure those efficiencies. And take advantage of the custom buttons.

Q: Final question. What three words come to mind when you think of DocuSign?

Easy, fast and efficient.

Thank you, Dave!

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