Cynthia Ashworth, VP, Brand & Messaging at DocuSign

Has a stranger ever hugged you when they found out where you work? Or gone on and on about how much they love your company?

Believe it or not, tales like these are pretty common here at DocuSign. These ‘DocuStories’, as they’ve come to be known, come from all walks of life. Our CEO had his mobile phone stolen, and the police officer called to the scene proclaimed, “you work for DocuSign? I love DocuSign.” For me, it was a real estate agent I met in New York City who couldn’t stop talking about how much she loves the brand. For others, it was hugs from total strangers or a shout-out from a TSA agent.

The problem was, our marketing wasn’t reflecting all this passion, and we weren’t showcasing just how deeply people connected with the DocuSign experience.

For the last several years, we’d led with the statement: The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management. It was on our homepage, our business cards, our tradeshow booths and after every mention of DocuSign in a press release.

It had been an extremely effective business strategy, positioning DocuSign as THE choice for completing digital transactions quickly, easily and securely from anywhere in the world. After all, we’d created a new category, and we were the undisputed market leader. It also highlighted our differentiation – that DocuSign is so much more than an eSignature provider.

The challenge was that ‘Digital Transaction Management’ is a sophisticated business-to-business message. It resonates most with enterprise customers and partners, executives and  industry analysts.


But DocuSign shines at home as much as it does in the boardroom. People use DocuSign to approve their children’s school trip as much as they do to sign multi-billion pound deals. And again, our marketing just didn’t reflect that.

So we began an exploration. What could the DocuSign brand stand for? What messages could resonate with all audiences – consumers, professionals, partners, SMBs and large global corporates? We talked to countless numbers of people – those who’d embraced eSignature and shuddered at going back to the old print/fax/scan/overnight mess; and those who’d barely heard of signing securely on a computer or smartphone.

In our qualitative research, people from the US and the UK helped us understand and articulate why users love DocuSign so much. It’s not just that it’s a great product… people love it because every time you DocuSign, you’re saying ‘yes’ to something (usually something good) in a delightful (fast, easy, convenient) and digital way. And you’re able to give that approval, make that decision, or sign on the dotted line from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Giving people the ability to sign documents quickly and securely on the go creates a real emotion connection to the brand.

This insight is at the heart of our new branding campaign. Its theme, ‘DocuSign and Go’, perfectly captures the positive outcomes that DocuSign enables. By offering the freedom to sign on the go – whether it’s on vacation, in a car or even on a plane – we’re helping people DocuSign and Go to keep life (and business) moving forward fast… and that’s something everyone’s going to love.

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