One of our favourite things about doing business in the digital age is the flexibility and control users have over the documents they send. Sure, you can do business anytime, anywhere, from any device — but did you know you also determine what happens to the document once it’s sent through DocuSign’s document retention and purging features?

While retention allows you to determine the amount of time a document is available to the sender within DocuSign storage, purging is the process by which documents are permanently deleted.

If you’re new to DocuSign or simply want to take advantage of these features, take a look at our complimentary “Document Retention and Purging” white paper, which answers questions like:

What are the limits (in days) for the Retention period?

When are documents moved into the Purge Queue?

What happens when I change the Retention Date?

Can reports still be run on documents that are in the Purge Queue or have been purged?

While DocuSign expedites turnaround time 25-fold, leveraging the document retention and purging features can provide even more efficiency in closing deals. Not only will signers be able to respond at the speed of digital, they will be encouraged to do so within a concrete timeframe.

Here’s to efficiency!

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