LEAP Legal Software Finds More Time for Selling from Faster Agreement Execution

Global Business Systems Manager at LEAP shares how DocuSign for Salesforce has helped the business save more than 40 hours per week in sales productivity.

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LEAP Legal Software’s practice management software helps small law firms run more efficiently. With services including automated legal documents, time recording and billing systems, and law firm marketing and websites, it helps firms save time on operational tasks and increase profitability.

Chris Chahinian, Global Business Systems Manager at LEAP, shares with us more about LEAP and how DocuSign for Salesforce has helped the business save more than 40 hours per week in sales productivity.

Can you tell us a little more about LEAP and your top objectives?

LEAP essentially helps remove some of the heavy lifting and time spent on operational tasks, so firms can focus more on their customers and increase profitability. Right now, growth is our key objective. We’re already the number one software solution for small law firms in Australia and we’re expanding rapidly across the US and UK. That was really the trigger for us to streamline our internal processes and implement a global CRM and DocuSign. Additionally, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our software and the customer experience.

Can you talk a little more about the pain points you were experiencing that led you to DocuSign?

We were using Salesforce to streamline a lot of our processes, but we were still wasting hours preparing and managing our contracts and renewals. Each agreement was created using a mail merge in Salesforce and then emailed to the rep who would make modifications. The agreement was then sent to the customer who would amend it again before printing, signing, scanning and sending it back.

The process wasn’t scalable. We would end up with changes to the contract which were not reflected in Salesforce – the sales reps would either not update Salesforce or make a mistake when re-keying data. This had an impact on our reporting and forecasting and created the potential for pricing disputes.

What capabilities were you looking for when choosing an eSignature solution?

One of the things we wanted to do was to prevent sales reps from making changes to contracts outside of Salesforce, so any solution we used needed to integrate with Salesforce. Also, we’re a fully digital business, so we wanted a solution that was cloud-based and easy for customers to use. DocuSign ticked all the right boxes and we were able to get it up and running in just one week.

How has it changed the way you manage agreements?

We’re using DocuSign for Salesforce alongside Drawloop so that sales representatives can create and send agreements from Salesforce with just a few clicks. The agreements are pre-filled with data from Salesforce and we’re able to lock down fields so that neither our sales team nor our customers can make unauthorised changes. This helps us ensure that what’s in Salesforce is reflected in the signed contract, removing the risk of pricing disputes and improving the accuracy of our forecasts.

Another great benefit is that our sales representatives no longer need to worry about uploading the signed contract into Salesforce or rekeying data. The entire process is automated, making growth more sustainable.

How does this support your growth objectives?

We’re saving 25 minutes per agreement which translates to more than 40 hours per week we can spend on sales and growing the business. We can also continue to expand rapidly and know that DocuSign is there to help us scale. To be honest, we’re not sure how we survived without it.

Thanks, Chris!

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