Learn the Basics of E-signature: How to Manage and Correct Your Documents

Continuing your e-signature education is this blog on how to manage and correct your documents, with a quick video and step-by-step guide.

Sign. Send. Success. Using electronic signature software is an efficient and user friendly way to complete approvals and agreements in minutes, from almost anywhere in the world. But wait, what if you want to check a document's status, send reminders, or view audit trails?

Well, following on from our posts on how to send and sign documents electronically, we're continuing your e-signature education with a post on how to easily manage and correct your documents. Start by watching this quick video, then follow the step-by-step guides, below:


How do I check the envelope history?

To find the status of your documents, follow these directions:

  1. From the Documents tab, find and select the envelope that you want to view.
  2. Click More and then click History. The envelope history is opened in a new browser window. The browser shows the Envelope Details and the complete activity history of every transaction related to the envelope.

How do I create folders and move documents to them?

  1. To organise your documents, you can create folders and sub-folders from the Documents page. You can move items out of your general My Documents view by putting them into a folder.
  2. Once you create one or more folders, you can file your documents into folders by either of these methods: Select the document and use the MOVE TO drop-down control at the top of the Documents list Drag and drop the document from the list to the desired folder

How do I correct a document that I made a mistake on or needs to be updated?

You can correct the details of in process documents that you send, including both the recipient and document information. If a document has already been signing by one or more parties, you can only correct the signer’s information that have not completed the signing progress. When you correct a document, if you modify recipient information, a new email notification is sent to all outstanding recipients. To correct a document:

  1. From the documents page, locate the in process document for which you want to correct information
  2. Click the document title to open the Document Details view
  3. Click Correct
  4. You can change the email address, name, routing order, recipient action, private message, or authentication methods of outstanding signers.
  5. When you are done editing recipient info, click Next
  6. You can either resend the document now or edit fields if needed
  7. Delete, modify, or add fields as needed, then click send to resend the document to your recipients
  8. The document is corrected and returns to the previous status state. If you modified recipient information, in process recipients receive a new email notification.

Where can I find other useful resources?

  • DocuSign Support Centre: This is a free resource which provides a comprehensive library of reference documents and videos which take you step-by-step through the process. DocuSign's Support Centre also includes a Case Management dashboard for logged in users.
  • DocuSign University Learning Portal: Looking to go deeper into our product capabilities and do so at your own pace? The DocuSign University Learning Portal provides customers with access to an extensive catalogue of free, self-paced and instructor-led courses to help build knowledge and expand expertise. To support your organisation’s initial learning needs, courses are available for a wide range of DocuSign roles and in multiple languages to learn DocuSign anywhere, anytime.
  • DocuSign Community: Looking to connect with other customers who may also be new to DocuSign? The DocuSign Community is a great place to get questions answered and network with other new users, moderated by helpful DocuSign experts!

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