Learn the Basics of E-signature: How to Send a Document Electronically

To get started on the path to success with e-signature and contract management, read this guidance on how to send documents electronically.

Sign. Send. Success. Using electronic signature software is an efficient and user friendly way to complete approvals and agreements in minutes, from almost anywhere in the world.

To help you get started on the path to success with e-signature and contract management, we’ve pulled together guidance on DocuSign's basic product functionality, starting with how to send documents for signature electronically.

How do I send a DocuSign document for others to sign?

The basic steps for creating and sending a document for signature are as follows:

  1. Firstly, log in to your DocuSign account. If you're new to e-signature, you can start a free 30-day trial.
  2. From the homepage of your DocuSign account, click NEW. Select send a document.
  3. Add your files. DocuSign supports a broad variety of file formats. Select files from your local machine or from cloud storage providers like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can add multiple documents up to 25mbs.
  4. Add your recipients. You will need the name and email address of each recipient. You can choose to set the signing order if needed, or your signers can get the document all at once. Once they are all finished, they will all get a copy of the completed document.
  5. Add a message and customise the subject line if needed
  6. Click NEXT, and drag fields for your signers. The top of the document will show you which signer you are placing fields for. Select each signer and place fields for each of them (if you have more than one). Once ready, click SEND.


What if I need to send a document to two people who share the same email address?

If two or more people use the same email address, you will upload the document as normal, and type in the email address and name of the first recipient. Click add recipient and type in the same email address for the second recipient, but put a different name.

We do recommend setting the signing order for these instances or adding a private message for each recipient. Then, you will place tags for each recipient like normal.

How do I upload a large list of recipients who all need to sign individual copies of a document?

If you want to send a document to a large list of people, you’ll want to utilise our bulk send feature available on our Business Premium edition. Once you are on that plan, you can follow these instructions.

How do I control the order in which people sign my document?

With Set signing order enabled, you can specify a recipient routing order. You can set up a simple sequential routing order, where each recipient receives the email notification once the previous recipient has completed the document. You can also have a mix of sequential and parallel routing. When you use a signing order, you can route a document to the same person multiple times.

For example, you want to send a purchase order to your manager to approve, then send it on to purchasing to sign, and finally send a copy to your manager again.

  1. From the Send a Document view, add your recipients.
  2. Select the Set signing order check box. Signing order values appear at the left end of the recipient rows. By default, the signing order is the order in which you added the recipients.
  3. To change the order, either click and drag a row to the desired position, or set the value of the recipient.
  4. To set a parallel order, such that some recipients receive the document at the same time, set the same value for the signing order.

Where can I find other useful resources?

  • DocuSign Support Centre: This is a free resource which provides a comprehensive library of reference documents and videos which take you step-by-step through the process. DocuSign's Support Centre also includes a Case Management dashboard for logged in users.
  • DocuSign University Learning Portal: Looking to go deeper into our product capabilities and do so at your own pace? The DocuSign University Learning Portal provides customers with access to an extensive catalogue of free, self-paced and instructor-led courses to help build knowledge and expand expertise. To support your organisation’s initial learning needs, courses are available for a wide range of DocuSign roles and in multiple languages to learn DocuSign anywhere, anytime.
  • DocuSign Community: Looking to connect with other customers who may also be new to DocuSign? The DocuSign Community is a great place to get questions answered and network with other new users, moderated by helpful DocuSign experts!
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