This morning, hundreds of MomentumX attendees gathered in the IET London Savoy Place for a half-day of digital discovery.

Digital transformation is a crucial component to lasting success. And while it’s no secret that digital-forward companies earn more revenue than their non-digital counterparts, the logistics of how to make a seamless transition into the digital age may not be as obvious.

That’s why we created MomentumX: This complimentary event, made up of informative breakouts and insightful keynotes is designed to provide potent, powerful advice attendees can use immediately to build a concrete plan of action.

Looking for a comprehensive recap of the event? You’ve come to the right place. This morning at 8AM, we kicked off the conference with our Customer Success Expo in the beautiful Riverside room at IET London Savoy Place. Attendees had the opportunity to explore DocuSign’s latest innovations alongside a team of experts. From interactive demos to tuning sessions, we designed the Customer Success Expo to provide attendees with a suitable plan of action to either begin or enhance their digital transformation —  no matter their business or background.


Next up was one of the most-anticipated portions of the event: keynotes. At 9AM all attendees filtered into the Kelvin Lecture Theatre to hear key observations and insights from digital thought leaders.

VP of Enterprise for Northern Europe, Helen Sutton, kicked things off by describing the vision behind the event, and what attendees could expect to gain by during their time spent at the conference. “Achieve is the theme for MomentumX today,” she said. “We want you to really come away with some hands-on knowledge of how to use DocuSign in your organisation.”

Next to the stage was DocuSign CEO, Dan Springer. He shared some of the successes DocuSign has secured for customers so far, as well as a peek into the future of the company. “One of the things I think it’s important for you in Europe to understand is that while there are five offices here, you should think about yourself as part of the global infrastructure DocuSign is building,” said Springer. “The growth that we’re feeling is dramatic in the United Kingdom. Each year we’re doubling the size of our business.”

After touching upon past successes, Springer delved into the reasons behind these wins: “85% of all transactions are completed within a day, and over half are completed in less than an hour,” he said. “DocuSign provides a huge opportunity for you to transform your business and move more quickly.”

One catalyst driving this success, Springer explained, was the adaption from being a web-centric company to being an API-centric company: “Every single day, another 300,000 sign using DocuSign for the first time. Our business is growing over 100% per year. It’s not just that our customers are leveraging the platform — they’re increasingly using it through the APIs,” he said. “Almost 60% of the transactions that occur on the DocuSign Global Trust Network are powered by integration into your core IT systems. The value that a customer sees when they’re leveraging the DocuSign customer network is almost £30. That’s fantastic ROI.”

Springer went on to discuss DocuSign’s work with DocuSign IMPACT before welcoming VP of Product Management, Laurel Reitman, to the stage for an in-depth look inside DocuSign’s recent product innovations. Reitman discussed the importance of compliance and security, and presented a live product demo. “Trust is a key area to Docusign, and a big area of investment for us. It’s our deep commitment to trust that allows you to move your documents — even those containing the most highly sensitive information — to our platform. We’re the only global platform on the EU trust list,” said Reitman.

She also discussed DocuSign’s ability to help with GDPR compliance: “If you need to gather consent from your customers, DocuSign is an ideal tool to help you meet the GDPR requirements.”

Following Reitman’s presentation three leaders from BP, Wood Group PLC, and Accenture, respectively, gathered onstage alongside Neil Hudspith to provide firsthand accounts of how their own leaps to digital transformed their businesses.

Digital Hero Awards

Finally, the keynotes closed out with an awards ceremony devoted to several exemplars of the five Digital Hero principles: “[Digital heroes are] individuals within a company that have been fearless,” said Hudspith. “They’ve taken a risk. Maybe they’ve gone against the normal process.They’ve brought DocuSign into their environment, and shown the outstanding value it can bring to their respective companies,” he said.

The awards ceremony honoured the following five individuals:

  • Mary Hunt, Head of Personal & Business Credit Process Re-Invention, AIB
  • Natalie Conway, ‎Head of People Services, ‎Countrywide Plc
  • Belinda Souter, Specialist Support Manager, CBRE Global Investors        
  • Rohit Paralikar, Vice President, Barclays
  • Eshani Ghosh, Head of Salesforce, Expedia Affiliate Network

If you’re curious about how to become a Digital Hero yourself, or simply want to learn more about driving DocuSign adoption in your business, click here.

Breakouts and Learning Labs

The first round of breakout sessions kicked off directly following the awards ceremony. Keeping in theme with the rest of the conference, these sessions were designed to provide tactics attendees could take home and implement immediately. From “Getting Started with DocuSign: Taste of the Three Flavours of DocuSign,” in which attendees were introduced to the essentials of DocuSign, to “Product Spotlight: Payments, Organisational Admin, Comments & More,” in which attendees were provided a deep dive into the latest product innovations, to “Accelerator Series: Best Practices driving DocuSign Adoption,” where attendees mastered the secrets of success in driving DocuSign adoption, the breakout sessions provided a broad scope of information that provided attendees with relevant digitisation tactics for their individual business.

In addition to breakout sessions, MomentumX London also featured the following:

  • Tuning Sessions: Attendees had the opportunity to book time with a member of our professional services team to discuss customised strategies for achieving their unique adoption goals.  
  • Product Demos: From features such as Payments, Organisation Admin, and Supplemental Docs, there was plenty to demo at MomentumX London.
  • Learning Labs:  We featured two Learning Labs: One focused on PowerForms, where attendees could learn how to generate on-demand forms for data capture and signature without the need for any integration. The second focused on advanced fields, and provided attendees with training on how to customise their documents, and create dynamic workflows using AutoPlace, Conditional Logic and Formulas.

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