3 Reasons DocuSign for Salesforce Makes Your DocuSign AND Salesforce Investments More Valuable

Sometimes things just work better when they’re together. Read how by combining the leading CRM & e-signature platforms, you save time and make money.

Sometimes things just work better when they’re together. DocuSign for Salesforce is one such example. Combining the world’s #1 CRM platform with the leading e-signature platform saves you time, makes you money, and increases productivity.

1. Take Back Time

If it wasn’t unsettling enough that employees waste 760 hours each year to workplace distractions, almost a quarter of staff blame inadequate office technology for their low productivity[1].

Use of DocuSign for Salesforce, in place of distinct DocuSign and Salesforce environments, results in time back for multiple audiences and eliminates mundane tasks. With DocuSign for Salesforce:

  • Sales can configure quotes faster due to dynamic collaboration tools and automatic reminders, releasing more time for the core task at hand: selling
  • Sales managers can more quickly predict forecasting due to the signature stage in a contract. Auto stage updates facilitate faster adaptation to the demands of prospects and customers
  • Updates on opportunity status via Salesforce Chatter and Lightning-ready Custom Buttons allow administrators to better optimise the sales solution

With DocuSign for Salesforce, cloud computing firm Solgari has achieved:

  • Contracts signed within one day
  • Customer on-boarding reduced by weeks
  • Seamless integration with existing processes, minimising the need for training

2. Life is Simpler

Needlessly complicated processes are sapping work productivity, with simple tasks impeded by legacy systems and manual operations. One study has found that layers of complex procedures have increased from 50 percent to as much as 350 percent in the last 15 years[2].

Additional research reveals that 8 in 10 companies still use unstructured manual tools such as email and face-to-face outcalls to drive routine work processes. This is causing managers to spend as much as 4 million hours a year on administrative tasks. Unsurprisingly, 3 in 4 managers want simple, self-service support processes[3].

With DocuSign for Salesforce, life is simpler because both end users and administrators remain in the Salesforce Lightning user interface. The contextual experience results in less work for your teams, simplistic signing for your customers, and increased value for your company.

The platforms’ centralised experience is delivered thanks to the streamlined integration that includes:

  • Auto reminders
  • Prebuilt DocuSign templates for Salesforce
  • Unified routing workflows and status are centrally delivered and maintained

With DocuSign for Salesforce, property-tech company Property Button has achieved:

  • A digitised property management life cycle for 800 stakeholders
  • A reduced property vacancy time for 120,000 landlords
  • 27% reduction in property vacancy time

 3. Work Smarter, not Harder

In 2010, a single keystroke error in Wall Street wiped out $1.1 trillion of investor dollars. Data entry mistakes in your business may not have quite as many zeros attached, but they can still be costly to your bottom line and your brand’s reputation.

Bearing in mind that the average benchmark is a one percent error rate in manual data entry, as a general rule, it takes £1 to verify the accuracy of data at the point of entry, £10 to correct or clean up data in batch form, and £100 (or more) per record if nothing is done.

For 72 percent of SMB salespeople, data inconsistencies are the leading cause of an incomplete view of the customer[4]. DocuSign for Salesforce reduces data entry errors and makes your Salesforce investment smarter via:

  • Auto stage change across multiple stages in Salesforce, from Review to Closed Won
  • Intelligent template recognition that automatically fills in the most used documents, prepopulating documents from existing Salesforce data, and two-way data flow to reduce errors
  • Training Einstein to spot trends in contracts, which allows improved sales forecasting predictability

With DocuSign for Salesforce, B2B partnership brand Expedia Affiliate Network has achieved:

  • 3 x Increase in contract execution
  • 14-day reduction in member sign-up time
  • Real-time tracking of the document status directly from Salesforce for sales managers

Discover how the quote-to-cash process can be made easier and leverage deals faster in our webinar with Solgari CFO Ed Grant.

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