It’s no longer just about how you interact with customers. Now it’s how you work with each other, too.

3 billion people use the Internet every day, and 80% of those people own a smart device. So it looks like most everything can be done on a digital device.

That stat from should be no great surprise. Just consider the number of email responses you get that has “Sent from iPhone” or something similar at the bottom (plus all the inevitable fat-thumb typos.)

But smart devices are not just being used to keep up with office emails. They have become an extension of our desktops and laptops, allowing for real work to be done whenever and wherever life takes one.

Is your office keeping up?

This new eBook explores those “away from your desk, but still working” moments. We’ll look at the state of online and mobile usage now, how wisest businesses are embracing the possibilities, and where today’s trends could take us tomorrow.

Here’s a peek at some more of the interesting stats you’ll find inside:

  • 33% of the world does all Internet activity via a mobile device
  • Employees are 2-5 times more likely to access information on their phone than their PC
  • Smart devices account for 56% of all UK Internet time, compared to 44% for desktop PCs

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