International Media Company Reduces its Sales Cycle to 15 Hours

This international media company is synonymous with paper, but has digitised critical areas of the sales cycle to close deals faster.

The “Customer Spotlights” series shines a light on DocuSign customers who are benefiting from accelerating their business processes with eSignatures.

With a portfolio consisting of daily newspapers, weekly papers, printing plants, a radio station, and hundreds of websites, this international media company is synonymous with paper.

Or rather, was.

We spoke to the CTO to find out how it digitised critical areas of the sales cycle to close deals faster.

Can you provide a high-level view of your organisation and what you do?

We're an international media company headquartered that started as a simple book printing business but now employs around 1,500 people at 28 facilities across Europe, producing high-quality products for a wide range of target groups.

What was the key business challenge that you were trying to resolve when partnering with DocuSign?

We wanted to streamline the sales cycle, specifically the end of the sales cycle. We were operating with a lot of contracts and paper, which slows down the business. In order to acquire the customer’s signature, a salesperson would generate a PDF, attach it to an email and send it to the customer, who would print, sign, scan, and email it back to us. The document would then be uploaded against the offer record with our insurer and internal stakeholders within finance and operations.

It took a lot longer for the customer to return the document and the document itself lost a lot of quality. A couple of customers who use similar applications to DocuSign in their businesses were complaining about our process.

What was it about DocuSign that made it stand out as the answer to the problems you had?

We talked with our CRM provider, SugarCRM, and they advised us of the different solutions. DocuSign has the best integration with SugarCRM and that’s why we chose it. There was already an app built that we could simply install; everything was ready and set. So the technical implementation took us one week with tests included.

Can you explain how the integration with SugarCRM works and how that affects your business?

Essentially, users can drag and drop the DocuSign dashlet on to any object, including Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Quotes by default. Documents can then be sent for signature right from the dashlet using the familiar DocuSign interface to add or edit tags within Sugar.

In terms of legality and security, how important a concern are they to your company?

Our legal requirements are pretty rigid. The regulation was changed from the first of July 2016 with the introduction of eIDAS, and DocuSign is completely compliant. Even though Hungary is a bit behind in the area of digitisation compared to the rest of Europe, it’s changing in a good way right now.

And in terms of implementing DocuSign, how’s the experience been for your employees?

We have our so-called ‘Super Users’ within our sales teams whom we piloted it with. It’s so easy to use, so self-explanatory, that after 30 minutes of training and a practicing session we just let the sales team go and use it and there were no issues. The integration that has been built between Sugar and DocuSign is simple so it’s really easy to use and to learn.

So, have you overcome the challenges that you were facing before?

For closing the sales cycle, it has helped completely. DocuSign accomplishes all our needs in that particular area of business.

And finally, in terms of your experience using DocuSign, what’s the most important benefit you’ve seen?

I think it’s the simplicity. The API is also very helpful for the technical guys so we can build more integrations.

Thanks for your time!

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