In the Grand Ballroom of the Westin St. Francis hotel, the heavy bass of Daft Punk was thumping out the steady beat of progress. The packed room was galvanized with an exhilarating futuristic, tribal aura. 


“… A new paradigm … for companies. The ability to sign anything, any time, anywhere, on any device” said Keith Krach, Chairman & CEO.


DocuSign Chairman and CEO Keith Krach, kicked off MOMENTUM 2013 telling the story of a recently married couple that used DocuSign to sign the loan paperwork for their first home.  At first, this did not seem very extraordinary.  Then, he told us that this was done while the husband was deployed in Afghanistan, the wife was stateside, and that this would never have been possible without DocuSign. 

Businesses, large and small, face many problems getting documents signed.  There are high shipping costs, missing signatures, and the need to rekey data to name a few of the hassles.  Current document signature methods are slow, costly, and provide a terrible customer experience.  DocuSign offers the opportunity to decrease document turnover time, lower costs, and delight customers.


To quote a DocuSign MOMENTUM fan “DocuSign?!  I love DocuSign!”


Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Tom Gonser, shared his own personal DocuSign story.  When he moved from Seattle to San Francisco, he had to get a new doctor, a new dentist, a new optometrist, and so on.  At every doctor’s office, he was presented with another clipboard and stack of paperwork to fill out.  After completing similar paperwork at each office, the information was manually keyed into a (sometimes many) database.  This entire process could have been streamlined with DocuSign. 

Dustin Grosse, Chief Marketing Officer for DocuSign, emphasized two basic ways DocuSign creates value for customers; value is created by the breadth of use cases and the depth of integration – with the greatest value and ROI occurring with enterprise-wide deployments.


“The next step is a fully digital enterprise” (Keith Krach, CEO)



The final DocuSign executive to present was Grant Peterson, DocuSign’s CTO, who gave an overview of the current technical capabilities of DocuSign and our plans to expand and improve those capabilities.  DocuSign is moving from “Enterprise Class” to become a “Carrier Grade” company.  What does this mean?

  • Zero maintenance downtime
  • 99.999% availability
  • Enterprise Class performance
  • Global load balancing


“What can be automated will be automated.  What can be digital will be digital” (Keith Krach, Chairman & CEO)


Grant concluded with a demonstration.  Using a DocuSign template, he created a basic DocuSign workflow form.  It literally took less than 5 minutes to set up.  He was able to specify who was to sign it and in what order to create a process structure.  He included required fields where testing forms would be attached to solve accountability issues.  Once he submitted the document for signature, he was able to see the signing process as it happened in real time.  It was so fast and so easy that any document could be automated within minutes.  It was amazing!


“We believe that all successful enterprises will be fully digital by the end of this decade.” (Keith Krach, Chairman & CEO)


The afternoon agenda for Momentum 2013 was packed with testimonials from DocuSign customers.  Jim Steele, the Chief Customer Officer at, had three main points to make about the advantages of cloud-based services.

  1. The explosion of cloud computing and mobile services makes the ubiquitous
  2. Productivity increases from cloud based services are substantial
  3. Security is solid and leads to better compliance and auditability

Crystal Clifford, the Vice President of Business Technology Services at LPL Financial, gave a testimonial about how LPL Financial chose an eSignature platform for their business.  After a thorough assessment, they chose DocuSign for these top ten reasons.

  1. Speed to market
  2. Ease of integration through API’s
  3. Custom branding
  4. Mobile functionality
  5. Streamlined workflow
  6. Comprehensive transactional reporting
  7. Suite of authentication options
  8. Platform security & compliance abilities
  9. Financial strength
  10. Positive client references

Cheryl Thompson, the Associate Vice President of Sales, Automation Strategy and Design at Nationwide Insurance, gave another compelling case for DocuSigning.  Nationwide Insurance was already using eSignature software in their business but sought further integration of eSignatures into their business. Nationwide switched to DocuSign to accelerate the value and ROI achieved with eSignature. Now they are saving an average of $10 per document on top of savings they were already capturing.  That is incredible!

Nick Gunn, the Senior Vice President of Global Procurement at HP, gave further testimonial of the benefits of DocuSign.  HP is always looking for ways to invest in, implement, and operate industry-leading solutions.  In other words, make business faster, simpler, and better.  I can’t imagine any company that wouldn’t want these improvements for their own business.  HP is always looking for partners to enable these objectives, and DocuSign plays a vital role.


“It is absolutely amazing to hear [our] customer stories” (Keith Krach, Chairman & CEO)


Wednesday ended with a stirring and emotional speech from Craig Kielburger, founder of Free the Children and Me to We.  He gave an incredible account of the power of good will and charity in the world.  Free the Children and Me to We use DocuSign to track paper work for sending students overseas and to track volunteer hours for their We Day program.  DocuSign helps make all of their processes streamlined and efficient so that more of their budget goes towards helping children and making the world a better place.


“This is an incredible journey and DocuSign is with you every step of the way” (Keith Krach, Chairman & CEO)