Who is the New Digital Consumer and How Can You Sell to Them?

Find out what the needs are of the new consumer persona and how to tailor the customer experience so you can sell to them.

Have you heard the term "Uberisation"? As you can imagine, the term came after Uber changed the landscape of private transport around the world, revolutionising the lives of passengers and drivers alike. With a few clicks on a mobile phone, the user waits for a few minutes to be taken anywhere, from wherever he or she is, to be greeted by a clean, comfortable car set to the right temperature and their favourite radio station.

Say Hello to Consumer 3.0

You, me, and the vast majority of our counterparts are called “Consumers 3.0”. We are more informed, have more buying power, and have new standards of demand. Our bow is a smartphone and our arrows are the countless news, reviews, tutorials, online communities and rating services that can be provided and consumed through a simple search. We select the companies, products and services we use more dynamically than ever.

While this scenario represents a challenge for brands, it also enables the creation of more accurate marketing and sales strategies.

Think, for example, you already shop in the supermarket without leaving the sofa; conclude complex banking transactions without having to enter a branch; furnish your home without visiting a show room; book a hotel in another country from the comfort of your bed. You get the point. Your life has already been incorporated into the digital environment – so, consequently, you expect the companies that are part of it to be that way, too.

Moreover, thanks to your arsenal of information collected in many different mediums, you know that it is very difficult for a company to deceive you. With a few minutes of research, it is possible to know the possibilities, risks, benefits, and, of course, the competition’s offerings.

How Can You Serve Consumer 3.0?

In accordance with how the way we market to this audience can change in a moment, the sales process is equally impacted and subject to transformation. So, to keep up with market demands, it's imperative to serve us as digital consumers in the online avenues we walk, at the times we walk them, and in the manner we want to be served.

To begin with, Consumer 3.0 does not want to waste time on paperwork – and inevitably will have a negative opinion of the companies that force her or him to interact with outdated processes.

Digital Tools for the Digital Seller

For vendors to be more dynamic in their selling practices, it’s necessary to adopt tools that help their sales teams directly – software that centralises all the information related to a lead, for example. CRM such as Salesforce, LinkedIn's Sales Navigator, and Outreach are a few firm favourites at DocuSign.

In these circumstances, the electronic signature is undoubtedly a great ally of salespeople. With this platform, it’s possible to fulfil contracts and determine changes to clauses without the traditional comings and goings of documents by snail mail – contracts are signed and returned in a matter of minutes and revenue realised much faster, leaving customers much more satisfied not only with the result but the end-to-end experience.

In addition to this agility, your sales teams must be extremely well trained and have access to the vital information required for negotiation – after all, there is nothing worse for a potential customer than a confused salesperson. And, of course, there is no use seeking to adopt all of these productivity tools without first listening to your employees and understanding their needs.

Go Beyond the First Impression

Finally, this new consumer profile wants to be surprised, and for that, it is important to create an experience that goes beyond a positive first impression. Essentially, this is what we call the "customer experience", which covers the entire journey from the first contact with the brand (a Facebook interaction or a Google search) to the close of business and all the way through to advocacy

It goes without saying but cannot be overstated: the customer experience should always be viewed from the point of your customer and never of your company.

If you’re looking to create an unparalleled sales experience, read our e-book outlining eight digital best practices for sales professionals.