Rather than aspiring for purely personal growth in 2015, consider the impact that a new business resolution will have on your work-life balance so you can achieve truly satisfying success in the New Year. 
The start of the New Year is a great time to reflect on your business's progress in the preceding year, and also to develop and implement your forthcoming strategy to build on last year’s successes. Instead of continuing to do the same things the same way to get the same results, it is now quite the opposite in a lot of fast-paced industries. There comes a time when you need to invest in something new to move your business forward. 
Should I Invest in the Cloud?
Any investment is a big decision. It is important to therefore establish what the technology will add to your business. How many stages will the new technology remove from your existing processes? How much faster will that allow you to deliver to your prospects and customers? How superior will your product or service be as a result? And how much of an advantage will these elements give you over your competitors?
Most industries face continuous challenges from procurement teams to deliver year-on-year cost savings, and from sales leaders to bring in more revenue faster. Doing more with less. This can only be realised by obtaining new means of doing things, and cloud technology has a significant role to play in delivering on these objectives.
Cloud technology gives your business the flexibility and mobility it never had before to react swiftly to opportunities, implement new applications, and scale up quickly to meet increasing consumer demand. Simultaneously, it can considerably lower the costs of hardware, upkeep, and IT staffing. For almost every organisation, some form of cloud technology simply makes sense, which leads on to the most important question: can you afford not to invest?
Your New Year’s Resolution
Whether it's getting rid of an old fax machine that's a pain to use or enabling contracts to be signed faster, reducing operating costs or eliminating paper, make a New Year's resolution to invest in what you and your business need.
It’s no secret that in order for your business to survive, you need to keep up with change. If, instead, you want your business to flourish, you’re probably going to have to lead that change. Investing in new technology will provide your business with the platform and the mobility to ensure your customers choose you over your competitors.
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