Digitally empowered lives require digitally enabled Insurance companies and agents.

This is the ultimate call to action when it comes to ushering in a new era for the Insurance industry.

(Digital) Insurance is a Necessity

How can we move forward with our businesses and lives if it’s impossible to manage an insurance policy on any end? We need empowerment to tackle those risky and rewarding projects in life and sticking with paper steals valuable opportunities.

But the answer is already in the palm of our hand (i.e. mobile devise or computer mouse). With the big bang of mobile apps and fully digital customer portals, the insurance industry can revolutionize user experience for all involved.

The Three Pillars

As a digital business community, we recognize that all stakeholders in the insurance game require the following from a paperless platform:

  • Ease of Use – You should never have to Google “how do I…” when using a digital platform. When you hop into a digital platform, it should be purely intuitive and optimized to take you from start to finish in minutes.
  • Trustworthy Ecosystem – We’re a community. No matter if you’re a consumer, insurance association, regulatory body or insurance carrier, you all talk to each other. The insurance world intersects in more ways than you can imagine. Digital platforms forge these bridges so our work syncs and ultimately benefits each other.
  • Compliance – all transactions must be legally-binding documents as protected by the ESIGN Act of 2001.

All in all, managing insurance transactions digitally offers the rare opportunity to understand and enhance the user experience and keep up with the modern way of doing business.

Digital platforms are continuously iterating and optimizing features to make life easier and easier. No matter your designated ROI – time, profitability or growth — going digital is the ultimate key. Unlike paper-based processes, your feedback is channeled into improvements.

For the insurance community, it’s all about enriching everyone’s experience, but we’ve only just begun the journey towards this goal.

An Optimistic Future

Digital adoption is picking up steadily as we’re realizing the dramatic value of going digital. DocuSign is honored and excited to lead the charge. In fact, we’ve welcomed tens of millions of digital business pros from a variety of industries, including insurance. Click here to get a taste of our digital solutions for the insurance industry.

With our upcoming conference – MOMENTUM – we’re turning the mic to you. Come March 10th -12th in San Francisco, you’ll have the chance to raise your voice and let us know how we can facilitate more successful transactions, seamless user experiences, and meatier ROI.

Register here to join the digital revolution for the insurance industry.

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Alpesh is the Vice President and General Manager for Insurance Industry at DocuSign. He drives DocuSign’s Go-to-Market strategy and execution for our Insurance customers.