As technology continues to transform and disrupt long-standing business models, Procurement function has a unique opportunity to lead the way and show the business functions the path to excellence. Arguably, Procurement is one of the most connected functions in the business environment – practically touching every aspect of business – be it Manufacturing, R&D, Logistics, Legal, HR, IT, or Travel.

And that is where the games begin!!

Procurement through its remarkable reach and trusted advisor role can operate with following strategies in mind

  • Stay on Top of Business Unit’s needs: Partner with innovative suppliers to understand how the technology solutions can meet business needs better. Provide valuable insights to business partners regarding breakthrough solutions that have a direct and immediate impact to the bottom line 
  • Revolutionize Procurement’s own Internal Processes and Operations: Become the role model for other business functions to be able to take calculated risks on innovative solutions. Investigate the right solutions for process automation – Look out for variety of innovative solutions available today that can improve the life of business users many folds, very fast! With real ROI
  • Impress the Suppliers: No harm here!. If you are using efficient processes throughout the NDA, RFP, Contracting, and P2P cycle, you’d cultivate an unforgettable personal and corporate brand. You can potentially use this equity to develop a virtuous cycle with them. Procurement can help impact top line too!

Over the next few days, DocuSign Procurement team will be at ProcureCon Indirect Conference in Phoenix. I look forward to meeting fellow practitioners, many of whom aspire to improve processes using easy solutions that can be implemented tomorrow – literally! I’m excited to speak to DocuSign’s ethos: “faster, better, and of course, paperless transaction management.”

Let’s explore the options to secure the promise of technology together. Its Procurement’s time to disrupt!

Procurement Pros: Join in on the Disruption! Fire the comments section with you’ll revolutionize Procurement.