Today’s Quick Tip demonstrates how to add multiple signers to eSign a document on an iPad using DocuSign Ink for iOS.

If you don’t already have the DocuSign Ink for iOS app, you can download it from iTunes by clicking here! After downloading, open DocuSign Ink for iOS.

If you don’t already have a DocuSign account, open the app and tap “Sign Up” and follow the on screen instructions to sign up for an account.

If you already have an account, open the app, sign in using the same credentials as your existing DocuSign account, and you’re good to go!

After adding the documents, you are ready to add the signers for the documents.

Step 1: Tap “Add A Signer”

 Step 2: Add Signers and CCs

You can add one or multiple signers to a document.

  1. To add a signer, type their name and valid email address. You must include the signer's email address for security purposes.
  2. Tap to select the signer's “role.” You have the options of having the individual sign in person, sending an email for the person to sign remotely, or just sending a copy (no signature required) to individuals.
  3. Once you have entered the name, email, and role of the signer, tap “Add” in the top right-hand corner.

*Note that you can add yourself as a signer, but first add any additional signers and then you are given the option to add yourself. If you are the only signer of a document, then tapping the “Sign Now” button on the previous screen is the correct way to initiate the signing process.

Step 3: Select the Signing Order

Once you have added all the individuals you are requesting to sign the document, you can then select the signing order by tapping and holding the “drag” icon. Each signer will receive the request to sign in the order they are selected.

In the example below, Tom will be the first person requested to sign the Rental Agreement. Once Tom has signed, Megan will receive a request to sign the document.

Once you have set the order, you can customize the email subject line and message.

Now you are ready to place your signing tags, just tap the yellow “Next” button in the top right-hand corner. 

Note: Clicking “Next” does NOT send your request


Step 4: Place the Signing Fields

From this screen, you can place signature tags and fields to guide the signing parties on the sections that they need to sign and complete.

  • Select the signer you are placing the tag for by clicking the “Place fields for…” text in the top navigation bar. In the example below, you are set to place tags for Tom Wood. Once you have completed placing tags for Tom, you change the selection to Megan Lew to begin placing tags for Megan.

  • Tap the field you want to place in the top navigation bar to select it. Once it is selected, tap the document in the location you want to place the tag. This feature is NOT drag and drop, but rather a simple select and tap.

  • You can also tap the location you want to place a field to access the shortcut pop-up menu. Fields include: Signature, Initials, Name, Date, Textbox, Checkbox, Company, and Title.

  • Once you have placed the tag in the document, you can move or delete the tag by clicking and holding the tag.
  • If you have multiple documents in your request, you can switch the documents you are tagging by hitting the page icon in the top right hand corner.

Step 5: Send the Document

Once you have placed all the tags for the signers, you are now ready to send the document out for signature! Each recipient will receive the document in the signing order you determined.

Click the yellow “Send” button in the top right-hand corner to complete your transaction.

DocuSign Ink lets you sign, send, and securely manage documents anywhere, anytime, from any device. With DocuSign Ink for iOS, having multiple signers sign a document is faster and easier than ever making it the perfect mobile app for busy families, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Reclaim hours of your week and use DocuSign Ink for iOS.

Happy DocuSigning!