Quick Tip – Everything you need to know about cloning envelopes

Quick Tip – Everything you need to know about cloning envelopes

Sometimes you have to send the same envelope to the same person and you don’t want to completely recreate the envelope. Other times, you may want to send the same envelope to the same or to a different person with only slight adjustments. Cloning an envelope with DocuSign eSignature will let you do both of these and save you time. Also, if your account can’t create and use templates, this is a good way to save time and achieve a similar result. 

In this blog, we answer your most frequently asked questions, and walk you through how to clone an envelope with DocuSign eSignature in our step by step guide.

Who can clone envelopes?

Anyone who has sent an envelope is able to clone.

When should you clone an envelope?

Cloning can be very useful if you are unable to correct an envelope or if you simply want to reuse the envelope. You can clone In Process, Completed, and Voided envelopes.

What do signers see when an envelope has been cloned?

The cloned envelope will appear as a new envelope - there will be nothing to identify that it has been cloned. Signers will receive new notifications to sign once the envelope is sent.

If you make a mistake on an envelope, should you clone it and resend it?

You do not need to clone an envelope if you make a mistake - you can simply correct any errors in the routing order, recipients, tagging, or included documents if no signers have signed the envelope. If someone has already signed the envelope, you can void it, clone it, and resend it with the corrections included.

Can you resend the same envelope - but with different signers and routing order?

You can clone an envelope and adjust the signers and routing order without changing the tagging. You can also keep the same routing order and signers and add or remove any documents or tags.

What is the “create a copy” option?

The create a copy option clones an envelope to make a copy, which contains all of the same uploaded files, recipients, and signing fields. You can clone any envelope you created that is either in progress, completed, or voided.

The Create a copy option is a great time saving feature that allows you to leverage the preparation work you've already done. Once you copy an envelope, you can modify any aspect of it. You can add files, change recipients, modify the message, and make changes to the signing fields.

How to clone an envelope

  1. From the Manage page, locate the envelope by searching, filtering, or simply scanning the list.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to show the actions menu and select create a copy.

3. Make whatever changes to the envelope you like: add or remove files, recipients, or modify the message.

4. To make changes to your recipient fields, click NEXT.

5. To send your envelope, click SEND.

Send the envelope the same as you would any other envelope. Cloning envelopes is another way that DocuSign is saving you time and keeping business digital.

Learn more on the support centre or contact our sales team.