Congratulations! You’ve successfully tagged and sent out an envelope. But when you take another look at it the next day, you realize you overlooked a minor detail and need something added. Or you may have sent the document to the incorrect email address, or the routing order needs to be changed. Mistakes happen, and DocuSign built in solutions to help along the way. From here, you have two options: correcting or voiding the document.

Correcting an Envelope

Envelopes in the “In Process” status can be corrected and resent out to recipients. Keep in mind that once a document is signed, the document can no longer be changed for that user.

To view a document that has been sent out for signature, click on “Out For Signature” under the Envelope Status on the home screen at

You can view documents that are currently out for signature here.

By moving your cursor over the Status column for an envelope, an arrow will appear, providing options to make changes to the designated envelope. In this example, we will choose “Correct” to make changes to the document.

All of the options shown below can also be accessed by clicking on a specific envelope and using the “Actions” dropdown list to select the option.

Now the correcting envelope page appears which looks similar to the page for starting a brand new envelope.

Note: Different accounts will have different options in the Correcting Envelope page. If your account uses Simple Correct, you can only make changes to routing order, recipient names, email addresses, authentication information, and resending the envelope.

Here changes can be made to the document. In order to send out the corrected envelope to recipients, click the “Re-Send” checkbox to the right of each recipient.

Once you have made necessary changes, click on “Next” to adjust tagging options. You can also choose “Discard Changes” if you think that the changes are no longer needed or if you want to start over. By choosing “Discard Changes” you are returned back to the envelope home screen.

In this example, let’s click “Next” to view the tagging screen.

Make any tagging changes you wish, and once that is complete, click “Preview” to review any changes. If the changes are satisfactory, click “Correct” to finalize the changes.

Now the document is sent out to the recipients that were selected to receive another envelope. A new email is sent to the recipients whose names or email changed. An email is also sent to the original recipient informing them of the change.

Voiding an Envelope

Another option you have is to completely void the envelope. Return to the home envelope screen and click “Void” under the envelope options. If you try to choose “Delete”, an error message will appear since a document must be voided or signed before deletion.

After “Void” has been chosen, the envelope void page appears. Void reason is required, so on this page explain why the envelope is being voided. An email is sent to the recipients, informing them of any specific reasons why this envelope was canceled.

Once the void reason is entered, click “Void Envelope”.

Now you see on the Home tab that your envelope is now voided.

The envelope is also no longer available for recipients to view. If the recipient attempts to view the document, a screen similar to the image below will appear.

For more information on how to correct or cancel a document, view this DocuSign Quick Start Guide on Managing Envelopes and Folders in the DocuSign Console. Happy DocuSigning!