In today’s Quick Tip we are demonstrating how to use templates and in-person signing from the mobile application, DocuSign Ink. You will find that using preexisting templates on your DocuSign account is easy and seamless using it on the mobile application as well. 

Note: Templates must still be created in the Web console or API.

Step 1: Open DocuSign Ink and choose the type document to send out.

Step 2: Tap Add and select the application where the document going out for signature is located.  In this example, we are accessing the document from our template library, so tap the Templates folder.

Note* If you are uncertain on which document to select, tap on the information symbol on the right hand side of the screen (The letter ‘I’ with a circle around it).

This provides a preview of the template you have selected.

If the template you selected is correct, tap USE in the right hand corner to apply this template to your envelope. 

Step 3: Fill in the Signer(s) information including their name and e-mail address.

Step 4: Since we are using an in-person signing template, tap Host Signing in the top right hand corner to start the signing session. (If we weren’t using a template for in-person signing, we would just send the envelope normally.) Next, enter signer’s email address so they will have a copy of the signed document. 

Step 5: Pass your mobile device to the signer and have them add any pertinent information and sign the document normally.

Step 6: The signer adopts their signature and taps Finish in the right hand corner to confirm signing.

That’s it! Now you are a pro at DocuSigning with mobile templates. If you would like to see a step-by-step video that demonstrates how to DocuSign mobile templates, Click on the YouTube video below!

Happy DocuSigning!