Are you interested in learning more about your account Preference options for your DocuSign Account?  Are you curious to where you can update features such as your email address or address book, check out your envelope reports, or change your password?

Today’s Quick Tip describes all of your default account Preference options that are available to users.

To access the Account Preferences page, from the DocuSign Console, click your profile image at the top of the console and select Preferences. 

The Preferences page is displayed.

Here you will find a plethora of options where you can manage, edit, or change your account preferences.

To return to the console, click any navigation tab (Home, Manage, Send or Dashboards).

Note that if you are a DocuSign Customer Administrator, your Preferences page is slightly different and you have access to many more options.  For information about Account Administrator options for DocuSign Customer Administrators, see Account Administration Options.

The account preference sections that are available are:

Member Profile Section: This section lets you view and manage your profile information. This link takes you to our How-To guides on how to easily manage your different account preferences.

Member Options Section: This link takes you to user friendly How-To guides on how to manage your address book, custom tags, and template matching settings

Account Administration Section: This link takes you to the Account Administration section where you can view How-To guides on how to view envelope reports and your API information.

Happy DocuSigning!