Today's Quick Tip demonstrates how to request supporting documents from your recipients. This feature eliminates the need to contact the signer outside of the signing transaction to get the supporting documents you need, streamlining the sending/signing process.  Forget the uncomfortable phone calls asking your recipient to mail over additional signed documents; With DocuSign Business, Enterprise, System Automated (SA), DocuSign for REALTORS, and DocuSign for Real Estate plans, you can add a note for the recipient providing information and instructions about the documents they need to provide!

Conveniently, DocuSign makes the request for supporting documents very similar to the standard procedure for sending documents with the exception with a few additional steps.

Step 1: Create a new envelope. Add documents, recipients, Email Subject and Email messages, select any Envelope Settings, and add tags to the documents normally.

Note: You also may want to add a suggestion to your signer about the additional documents that are needed.

Step 2: Select the recipient that will provide the document. Click and drag a Signer Attachment tag onto the document. 

Modify the Properties for the tag as needed. Repeat this step to add additional document requests.

Note: In order to add multiple Signer Attachment tags, the Allow Multiple Signer Attachments option must be enabled for your account. To access this functionality, contact your Account Manager or DocuSign Service ( ) for assistance.

Step 3: Complete sending your envelope normally. When your recipient receives the envelope with email with instructions on how to sign the document and how to provide the specified attachment.

DocuSign makes asking recipients for supporting documents easy with this quick 3-step method; saving you time and energy! This is just another way that DocuSign makes keeping business digital easier than ever. 

Happy DocuSigning!