DocuSign provides users a variety of signature options when signing a document electronically. These options, which are similar to tags, are used in the Sign a Document Now Feature. Tagging is one of the many features that make DocuSign easy and quick to use when preparing a document for signature. Here are step by step instructions to help you become a pro at both signing and tagging any electronic document.

Signing a Document

From the home screen, upload a document or open up a form already existing on your account.

Once the document has been uploaded, the signing screen will appear with a range of options.

Click on the pen icon on the upper right corner. A drop down signing menu will appear, showing a range of options to be placed on the document.

From here, select and drag any tag into the document. These options include a signature, name, text box, and checkbox.

By clicking on the pen icon once more, another tagging option can be chosen to add to the document.

Each tag can be deleted if they are mistakenly placed on the document by tapping on the red “x” button on the top right corner of the tag box. This will remove the highlighted tag from the document entirely.

Tagging choices also may be resized to be larger or smaller by dragging along the gray dots at the corners of the text box. The box will automatically reconfigure as you drag along the corners.

Each tag can be moved across the document by highlighting the box and dragging it across the screen.

Once you have fully completed signing and tagging the document, tap on “Finish” at the top right corner of your screen next to the pen icon.

Once you have verified that you have completed signing the document, you have the option of sending the document to other users. You can also immediately move on to the next document that needs to be tagged and signed. The signed documents will be automatically saved under your completed envelopes.

Tagging a Document

Now that you know how to effectively sign a document, you may be wondering how to tag a document yourself as envelopes are sent out for other recipients to sign.

Return to the home screen, upload a document for signature and add recipients for the document.

Once recipients have been added, the document can be customized with extra settings and a message. After that is complete, tap on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page to start to tag the document.

Once the document is fully loaded, you may start adding tags, which are shown on the menu on the left side of the screen. To add a tag, select an option and it will automatically be added to the document. Each tagging option can be dragged, expanded, or deleted similar to how tags are used for signing.

As tags are added, each tag can be customized by tapping on the setting icon next to the tag. Tags can be renamed, sent to specific recipients, and given conditional fields.

Document settings can be also be changed by choosing one of the various options above the document. The document can be rotated, tags can be copied or aligned, and more.

Once the document is fully tagged, be sure to quickly preview it before sending the document out for signature.

Now you are an expert in both signing and tagging an electronic document. To learn more about how to use the Sign a Document Now Feature, view this DocuSign Quick Start Guide. To learn how to create custom tags for a document, view this DocuSign Quick Start Guide. Happy DocuSigning!