The New DocuSign Experience is proud to offer an improved administration experience for administrators of multi-user accounts. Functions like adding a user have never been easier!

To add a user, follow these steps:

  1. From your DocuSign account, click your profile image, then click Go to Admin.

  2. Under USERS AND GROUPS, click Users.

  3. Click ADD USER.

  4. Enter the user information and select a Permission Set. If needed, enter an Access Code for additional security.

    Note: If using an Access Code, the code must be shared with the user in order for them to activate their account.

  5. Click ADD. The user is added to the account as Pending; they receive an email with instructions to activate their account.

Be sure to check out other new and enhanced features available in the New DocuSign Experience! For more information, watch this video or head to view other documentation.