Put to rest any concerns over revealing sensitive data in any document. Private information – from social security numbers to credit cards – will be securely hidden through DocuSign’s Concealed Field feature.

This feature ensures that only that recipient can view the sensitive information that a recipient enters into a document. This data will not be visible to the sender or other signers.

To use this feature, you would follow the same process as you would for a normal envelope, but keep in mind that only the Data Field tag can be enabled as a concealed field.

To enable your privacy and peace of mind, follow these quick and easy steps:

Adding a Concealed Field to a Document

  1. Create an envelope. Add documents, recipients, Email subject and Email Messages. Select your usual or preferred Envelope Settings.
  1. Add preferred tags
  1. For concealed fields, select the recipient for whom the information will be concealed.


  1. From the tag palette, Drag and Drop a Data Field tag. Open the Properties dialogue box for this specific tag.


  1. In Label, type an easily identifiable name in the data field. You’ll need this when you are retrieving the data for the field.


  1. If necessary, select a Mask and add any Regex Pattern/ Validation Error information for the data field.
  1. Select the Hide Value as Asterisk *** check box to enable the feature.

  1. Click Apply.

That is all you need to do before sending the envelope as you would normally!

All concealed data will appear like so:

This data will be securely hidden from all other involved parties. When the envelope is completed, you may retrieve the concealed information by viewing the Form Data for envelope in question.

For more information regarding Concealing Data, please check out Using Concealed Fields guide or ask a question in our Facebook Community.

Happy DocuSigning!