Is your virtual desk stacked with documents ready for review? No need to fret: existing SalesForce users new to DocuSign only need to follow a few simple steps to de-clutter their inboxes.

First, locate the Use the Documents for Signature section to fill your DocuSign envelope. If you are overloaded with documents, DocuSign has you covered: you are free to submit multiple documents and attachments into your envelope. You must place a document in an envelope so you can send it for signatures.

Please Note: When you select a lead from the Salesforce Leads tab, DocuSign for Salesforce automatically adds any documents to the envelope that were previously associated with that lead in Salesforce.  You can delete any of these documents or add additional documents to the envelope.

Let’s get started:

Step 1.  1. To add a new recipient, click Add Recipient.

b. [Optional] Click Add Me to add yourself as a recipient.  Go to step 2.

c. [Optional] Click Add Role to add a placeholder role as a recipient.

d. Type the recipient name or click the search icon and select the recipient from the list.

Step 2. Select the document Source:  select the type of document you want to add.

  • Attachments: Click Upload Attachment and follow the Salesforce instructions to add the attachment.
  • Documents: Select the Folder with the document, select the document to add and click save.

Note: If the document you want to add is not in any of your folders, you can add the document by clicking Add a new Document to a folder.  A new browser window opens and you can add a document to a folder.  After adding the document, you can select it for sending.

  • DocuSign Templates: Select the DocuSign template you would like to use and click save.

DocuSign for Salesforce adds the document to your envelope and returns you to the send with DocuSign page.

Step 3. Set document order: For more than one document, be sure to order them to reflect their priority.

Step 4.  Continue adding new documents by following steps 1-3. Also, you’re free to edit documents in this envelope.  To delete documents: click the del link to the left of the document in question.

And that’s it!

For more information, please check out our Salesforce for DocuSign user Guide Book

Happy DocuSigning!