Need to tell your users that a document hasn’t been completed?

No problem! Your documents can be watermarked with your chosen words until it’s completed by all parties.

DocuSign’s watermark feature can be enabled in the administration section of the account. You also have the option to customise the displayed text and appearance of your document watermarks.


Click the preferences menu from the drop down list.

Under the list of Account Administration options, select Features.

Tick Enable watermark for in-process documents to enable the document watermark feature.




The default in the document text reads “In Process.” This can be customised to display text up to 50 characters long.

Click on the ‘Enable watermark for in-process documents’ link to specify the message displayed as the watermark and set the font size, type, colour and orientation of the watermark.




Your changes can be reviewed on our sample pdf with the preview button.

Click the save button to once you’re happy with your settings.

Your watermark will appear on documents that are still going through the signing process.


While the document(s) is out for signing, if a recipient downloads, prints or saves a copy of the document(s) in the envelope the watermark it will be displayed on all pages of the PDF document permanently and cannot be removed.