DocuSign users working in the same department often need to share their documents with each other in case of leaves of absence, visibility concerns, or collaborative workflows. Fortunately, a DocuSign Administrator has the ability to share user folder information within the DocuSign console. This allows other users to see and act upon documents within another DocuSign users account. One can share their folders or the folders of others following these steps. Note that only DocuSign Administrators may enable these options.

There are two very granular points in this scenario:

          1. To share your own documents with other users, click the preferences menu and then the Sharing section on the left hand side of the page. 

This page will allow other users to see documents within your inbox, sent, draft, and deleted folders.

Click the name of the user with whom you wish to share your document information and save.

              2. To access other users accounts on your behalf, i.e., as an Administrator—navigate to the Preferences drop down on the top right of the page. Click the Users option from the left-hand side.

Next click the users name whose documents you wish to share.

Then click the Sharing button from the top navigation bar and the users with whom you want to share the selected users account.

Click the Save button.

The users with whom you have shared documents will now see a section on their Manage Tab labeled as Shared.

The selected users will then be able to see and act upon any documents in the shared inbox, sent, or delivered folders of the shared user.  

To un-share users documents simply uncheck the user account(s) that you have shared and the option to see shared information will be hidden.