Do you frequently send documents such as rental agreements, tax forms, or HR forms that contain similar structures but do not always match a template entirely? Save time tagging documents like these with Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR).

When you start a new envelope and add a document, IDR reviews the text and information in the document to determine if the document matches a saved template. If a match is found, the system will ask if you want to apply the template to the document in the envelope.

To set up IDR regions on a template, follow these steps:

  1. Create a template normally and enter any desired recipient information.
  2. Upload a document to the template and click Next.
    Note: Use a document similar to the type of documents to which you wish to match.
  3. From the tagging screen, tag the document normally, then click the IDR button on the tagging toolbar.
  4. Click and drag the IDR box to outline the words or phrases that match across the documents in question.

    Note: Only the first 25 words are matched in an IDR box, so be sure to place the boxes wisely.
  5. To place additional IDR boxes, click the IDR button again, then click and drag to draw the IDR box on the document.
  6. When finished, click Save.

The template will now match to documents with areas similar to the text matched in the IDR boxes.

Note: Be sure to leave plenty of space around phrases so that the entire word is matched—otherwise matching may not function exactly as expected. Similarly, any match boxes that touch letters within a word will most likely not be matched in the template process.

Lastly, ensure that you or your DocuSign administrator has enabled “Page Level Matching” within your document matching preferences so that the IDR boxes on sequential pages will also be applied. This is located by navigating to Preferences > Template Matching. For more information, please review Managing Template Matching.