90% of Salespeople Want their Personal Digital Practices to Apply at Work

DocuSign research found salespeople want the same technological ease & efficiency they experience in their personal lives in the office. Read the insights.

Research from DocuSign has found that almost nine in ten salespeople want the same ease and efficiency that technology is bringing to their home lives to be found in the office, too.

From the Amazon Echo waking us up and our Apple watch alerts us of high blood pressure after a stressful meeting, to machine learning and algorithms helping us relax with Netflix, advancing technology is part of daily life.

Embracing New Tech

Recent consumer behaviour gives a snapshot of how people are embracing new devices and processes. Smart speaker ownership among Britons has doubled since last Autumn[1], while virtual reality headwear is being adopted at a greater rate than iPad-style devices[2].

It comes as no surprise that people are keen to see the same technological practices in the workplace that they enjoy at home, not least when it comes to digital agreements.

How to Meet Digital Expectations in Sales

Just as people complete agreements digitally to sign a lease on a rental apartment or select a new mobile provider, DocuSign’s research shows 86 percent of sales professionals in Europe are keen to follow the same practice in their jobs. Speeding up contract turnaround, reducing time to revenue and preventing agreements falling into next quarter are all reasons why signing digitally appeal to forward-thinking sales teams.

This is one of the findings of a study conducted by DocuSign into the European consumer’s appetite for digital services. The study gives insight into the attitudes of sales departments towards electronic signature and digitising processes, and their role in supporting businesses to meet the demands of their customers and avoid digital extinction.

Other insights into salespeople’s digital expectations include:

  • Half of sales professionals consider security to be a specific benefit of implementing eSignatures
  • 81 percent of decision-makers in sales say that they are prioritising digital transformation
  • 72 percent of people agree that working digitally within business is essential

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