In addition to the stellar line-up of business leaders speaking at MOMENTUM`16 London, we are thrilled to have Professor Brian Cox OBE, arguably the UK’s best-known physicist, as the closing keynote on day two. His books and TV programmes have been read and watched around the world; credited with making science engaging and accessible to millions.

From speaking at TED in the US to World Economic Forums in Davos and China, Brian’s presentations engage, inform and entertain featuring awe-inspiring images from the depths of the universe as well as his trademark infectious enthusiasm for his subject. These factors make him the perfect fit for our day 2 closing keynote and conference theme – “Imagine What You Can Do.”

Here’s a quick rundown of his other feats:

Rock Star Scientist

Once the keyboard player for D:Ream, he has come a long way to his position as Professor of Particle Physics at Manchester University and a key part of the ATLAS and the CERN Large Hadron Collider projects. With his down-to-earth, likeable enthusiasm, Brian is frequently labelled a ‘rock star scientist’.

Brian’s blockbuster TV shows include Wonders of the Universe, Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of Life, each looking at the fundamental science behind everything from stars and planets to atoms and microbiology.

He has also presented Stargazing, Space Hoppers, The Big Bang and numerous editions of Horizon. His books accompanying the Wonders of… series have become huge bestsellers, as did his co-authored title, “Why Does E=mc2?”

TED Talker

Alongside the story of life, the universe and everything, Brian argues that science can unite the world in an attempt to discover our shared origins. He also explains the work of CERN and their attempts to use cutting-edge technology and engineering to recreate events fractions of a nanosecond after the Big Bang “in the hope of revealing the underlying simplicity of the universe.”

All Round Smart Fellow

An International Fellow of the Explorers Club, Brian was awarded the prestigious Lord Kelvin Award for his work in promoting science to all. When not filming around the world, Brian writes for a range of newspapers and journals and co-hosts Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage, the comedy and science programme.

He and his friend and co-host, Robin Ince, examine the big and not-so-big science questions alongside comedians, scientists and celebrities both on air and on tour.

And my personal favourite of all his media exploits, his Tuesday morning cameo on Shaun Keaveny’s BBC 6Music breakfast show.