Guest post by Stephanie Hain, Associate Director of Operations and HR at EclectiC International. Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn
The last stop of the DocuSign Signature Tour in Amsterdam has successfully signed off! With over 85 visitors – clients and potential clients of DocuSign – this has been the most successful stop of the tour. After a short introduction, Stephanie Hain presented EclectiC’s use of DocuSign in our day to day business.
DocuSign took the chance to introduce new developments, such as the DocuSign intergration with CRM systems and the new interaction design / user experience of the application. This is an interesting add-on for EclectiC also.
Legal  Practice
Working with digital signatures is still a quite new topic for a lot of companies so there are a lot of questions about the legal validation of these documents.
Ken Moyle, Chief Policy Officer of DocuSign, addressed this topic and explained in detail why a digital signature actually offers a lot more proof than a handwritten ink signature on paper. Due to all the additional information being registered with a digital signature (IP address, location and time of signature, etc.) it is actually easier to check: who has seen the document, when was it signed and by whom and on what device.
Steffie On Tour
Coming back to Steffie on tour – as a favour our director has recorded some marketing clips with DocuSign in German and English. Due to this there might be the chance to present the business case of EclectiC and DocuSign at events in Germany and UK next year.
If you like to have more information about DocuSign and our experiences with implementing the digital office, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to share our experience with you.
See you at the next Tour!