Streamlining the Sales Contracting Process at Clear Channel Outdoor

Clear Channel Outdoor has reduced contract turnaround time from days to minutes. Read Kim and Vicky's story.

The “Customer Spotlights” blog series shines a light on DocuSign customers who are transforming legacy processes with modern Systems of Agreement.

CRM Manager Kim Woodhouse and Sales Effectiveness Manager Vicky Peat joined us from Clear Channel Outdoor to discuss how they’ve reduced contract turnaround time from days to minutes.

Can you provide a bit of background on Clear Channel Outdoor and the services you provide?

Kim: Clear Channel is an outdoor media company specialising in digital advertising and classic paper and paste. We essentially empower our customers to target who they want, when they want, and at the time they want.

Vicky: We do so by analysing customer profiles to ensure our customers' adverts are placed in the right place capturing the right people. Our mission is to create the future of media.

Can you talk about why digital transformation is so important to your business?

Vicky: Digital transformation is really important to Clear Channel and to the outdoor media business as a whole. It gives our customers flexibility. Traditionally, the classic format of paper and paste has provided a brilliant street format for advertisements, but digital advertising gives them the flexibility to advertise exactly when they want, at any time of the day. It is really important that we are at the height of technology and constantly learning more in order to provide a better offering to our customer base.

What challenges were you experiencing that led you to DocuSign?

Vicky: We needed to improve sales efficiency. When we look to increase our digital portfolio, we need to enable transformation within our business internally to ensure we are keeping up with the speed of change. When we need a quick fix for a customer, say, we need to get the contract out to them as quickly as possible.

That was initially where we saw e-signature coming into play: creating efficiencies, making us look more professional, and integrating with our other systems. Managing contracts from one place, so everyone within the business – whether it's finance, sales or management –know what's happening with the customer and the status of our contracts.

Can you explain what the sales process was like prior to implementing contract management software?

Kim: The answer varied on the person you spoke to. Some salespeople were having customers wet sign contracts; some would be doing it via email with a simple “yes” response. So, there wasn't a standard process that everyone followed. Introducing DocuSign meant we could streamline the sales contracting process and create a one-for-all approach.

You mentioned that DocuSign is integrated with other systems within Clear Channel. Can you talk about what you’re doing in this area?

Kim: We’ve integrated DocuSign with Salesforce and it was so easy to set up. It literally took half a day. Now, information is pulled from Salesforce into our DocuSign templates and when a document is signed, it feeds straight back into Salesforce automatically and we keep a copy of the signed order form in PDF format. Our salespeople don't need to leave Salesforce, which is the desired practice. It works perfectly.

What kind of ROI have you seen having resolved these contract management issues?

Vicky: DocuSign has increased the efficiency of the interactions we have with our customers, who are signing contracts quicker. In some cases, it would take days to have a contract signed. Now it takes minutes. That's brilliant.

The savings on paper and postage are also substantial. We used to have customer files full of paper. We don't see that anymore. We never see a printed contract on a desk. Then the ease at which salespeople can simply click a button to send a contract to a customer via DocuSign improves employee productivity.

Kim: From our sales teams’ perspective, the time taken to prepare contracts has significantly reduced. All they have to do is create the opportunity in Salesforce, and at the click of a button, the order form is populated for them, so it's taking minutes. And because the information is automatically populated into the order forms, it's correct.

What has the customer response been like to Clear Channel working with paperless contracts?

Vicky: The feedback from our customer base has been brilliant. Customers are seeing a more professional experience. They're seeing the contract clearly set out. They can read it easily, and it's quick and easy for them to sign. They don't have to email and fax.

We initially briefed existing customers that we would be managing contracts in a new way. Once they were sent a document, they were really surprised about how quick and easy it was. We’ve had only positive feedback, which we're really pleased about.

You’ve touched on how your Systems of Agreement are streamlining the sales contracting process. Are there any other areas of the business you see this being beneficial to?

Kim: We have a number of Systems of Agreement at Clear Channel and the e-signature piece has been working well for us in the sales department. We definitely need to modernise a lot of the other departments and we see DocuSign’s new features and products helping to facilitate the whole package.

Managing everything from one place and being able to automate processes from start to finish is something we always look to do at Clear Channel. We want solutions to be as streamlined and as easy to use as possible to use, for both our employees and our customers.

Thank you for sharing Clear Channel’s story, Kim and Vicky! 

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