DocuSign’s help and support portal is dedicated to customer success with Digital Transaction Management. We know that you’re making an investment when you buy DocuSign, and we’re here to ensure that your investment pays off quickly. As such, DocuSign provides a broad range of services, educational programs, and business support to help you achieve and exceed your business goals. Whether it’s identifying the highest impact uses, assisting in system integrations, or empowering your team to roll out DocuSign smoothly, we help you get up and running quickly.

The diagram below shows popular pairings of pages that were viewed multiple times when our customers browse the support centreThe thickest blue line represents about 3,000 unique users and the thinnest lines indicate roughly 500. That number is in line with monthly trends and it represents ~30% of last month’s total content viewers.

The model shows our recently remodeled support site does a good job helping people find answers to their questions. As proof, the percentage of people who click on “Contact Us” has been cut in half since last year.  Furthermore, even after “Contact Us” has been clicked, users are encouraged and empowered to discover more on their own. 

Here are three other ways that DocuSign enables our customers to be successful:

1. DocuSign University

DocuSign University (DSU) is our educational resource center dedicated to empowering every member of your team to get the most from DocuSign. Whatever your industry, responsibilities, or business needs, DSU has a range of training options available to help you. That might be an in-person certification for API Developers, a virtual Administrator course, or an on-demand eLearning refresher. Rest assured, DSU has training to fit your needs and timeframe. And if you need specialised onsite training or a custom training video, we can do that, too!

2. Professional Services

While DocuSign is simple, sometimes your business processes are complex. With DocuSign’s API connectors and open APIs, you can create a custom solution that uniquely fits your business. Our Professional Services team can be your partner to achieve efficient digital business processes. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, if you need an advisor who can provide you with insight and guidance, or if you just need some technical expertise to move your project along, our staff can design, integrate, and implement a solution that hits the mark. We can even build templates and help you get to business readiness. We’re here to make you successful—fast.

3. Customer Success Architects

When you want hands-on consulting to speed adoption and to deepen the value of DocuSign in your organisation, it’s time to call in a Customer Success Architect (CSA). Our architects aren’t just knowledgeable in DocuSign, they are also experts in building the business plan and executing the use cases that are right for your business. Contact us to find out more about CSAs.