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Banking on a better customer experience

By Ashley Thomas – Enterprise Customer Success Manager EMEA at DocuSign By 2020, 60% of businesses will have a fully articulated digital transformation policy in place. Going digital is no longer just a ‘nice to have’,…
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Simplifying banking with a modern system of agreement

According to the consumer group Which, British banks have closed over 3,000 branches in just four years. And it’s easy to see why. Consumer experience is driving digital transformation across the finance sector, changing and…
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The Digital Advantage: Maximising Time in Financial Services

No matter who we are, we want more time. Yet the workday has its fair share of hurdles that slow us down and hold us back. Salary.com reported in its last “Wasting Time at Work”…
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The Importance of Ensuring a Digital Customer Experience in Banking

The business models of retail banks have changed. As a rule, they now have digital technology at the heart of all their products and sales channels. We’ve witnessed the development of multi-channel services as a…
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3 Steps Every Lender Should Take to Go Digital

There’s certainly disruption in the air. It’s happening in all segments of the financial services industry. Challenger banks are confronting traditional banks, traditional insurance models are contending against online models and a number of lenders…
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DocuSign Powers the Bank of the Future

In our latest video, we highlight how DocuSign can streamline a variety of business processes for the banking industry. By standardizing on DocuSign for electronic signature, banks can eliminate a variety of paper-based processes and…
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What’s Turning Financial Services Inside-Out?

In the world of banking, historically change has been driven by regulation and large, traditional, monolithic banks. Yet, since the recent financial crisis, consumers are demanding more from the organisations they entrust with their hard…
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The Financial Industry’s Successful Future

Just five years ago, mobile banking seemed futuristic, the stuff we see in sci-fi movies and can’t wrap our head around. Fast-forward to today and it has emerged as an essential component to financial institutions…
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