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4 Digital Ways to Keep Your Customers Smiling

“Grumpy” customers can spoil your success. What’s one of the first things mentioned in a negative online product review? How hard the product was to use. The ticked-off person freely expresses their displeasure at the…
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Misys Goes Digital to Deliver FinServ Software Faster

QUICK QUOTE: “DocuSign significantly speeds up once manual, time consuming and ‘offline’ processes. Our success in going digital in our partner programme is driving us to deploy DocuSign enterprise-wide for even greater ROI. DocuSign closes…
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Using Net Promoter Score to Retain Customers and Grow

Think of a time when you’ve gone into a shop and the experience you received didn’t meet your expectations. Now think of a different time where you were just “wowed!” The range from disappointment to…
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The 3 C’s of Financial Services: Customer, Compliance and Cloud

Technology has flipped the financial services industry on its head. The industry has been transformed due to the ever-empowered consumer who has the ability to connect with financial institutions and with each other in new…
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What’s Turning Financial Services Inside-Out?

In the world of banking, historically change has been driven by regulation and large, traditional, monolithic banks. Yet, since the recent financial crisis, consumers are demanding more from the organisations they entrust with their hard…
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