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DocuSign Wins Award for ‘Best Mobile Tech for Enterprises’

Last night in London, TechWorld from IDG honoured DocuSign with an award for ‘Best Mobile Tech for Enterprises’ at the techies. Now in its second year, the techies champions all that is great about the UK…
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E-Signature Mobile Apps: 4 Ways to Sign Easier than Ever

You have received a document to sign. Unfortunately, you are not at your desk right now. You are stuck on a train and really need to sign this document by 9 am. Question: Do you…
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Introducing the DocuSign Today Widget

For some of us, DocuSign is much more than an application to sign documents. More than ever, people are using DocuSign as the command center for keeping their business moving forward. Whether it’s getting reminders…
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Make Your Work Life Better, Faster, Easier (and Cooler) with Mobile Technology

It’s no longer just about how you interact with customers. Now it’s how you work with each other, too. 3 billion people use the Internet every day, and 80% of those people own a smart…
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The sky’s the limit, literally, when it comes to mobile’s usage on the job.

Fanciful picture, for sure, but not too far off from where reality is heading. With more than two thirds of all internet activity in the UK being done on smart mobile devices these days, it…
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It’s A Mobile World: Thanks for Driving the Movement!

A funny thing happens when we all start demanding the same thing. People listen and trends turn into reality. When it comes to doing business digitally—from anywhere, at anytime and via any mobile device—it just…
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