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Cap Off Dreamforce 14 with the Best Brews in San Francisco

After a week of keynotes and networking, you’re ready to go forth and congregate at the local watering hole. But this is Dreamforce '14 – go big or go home – so we’ve scoured San Fran…
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Sweet Dreamforce 14 Recovery: Top 5 Dessert Spots

Don’t fight your desert cravings: embrace them with the decadent and unique offerings. After walking 10,000 miles this week (at least that’s what it felt like), you deserve every last bite. Bi-Rite Creamery: The standard…
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How to Decompress After Dreamforce ‘14

You partied hard and innovated a little harder. After the hailstorm excitement that is Dreamforce ’14, everyone needs a little R&R. After all, they do say that all hard work pieces together when you’re at…
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Your Liquid Gold for Dreamforce 14: AKA – Hottest Coffee Spots

Many people spell Bliss as C-O-F-F-E-E… If you need to step away to square of a some work or just crave a special cuppa of joy, here are the top 5 cafés to sample while…
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Dreamforce ’14 for Foodies: A Guide

Chow time. No seriously – you’ve been marching the Dreamforce beat and working up the appetite of champions. But this is San Francisco: Foodie Heaven! Make your calories count this week with some unique bites…
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Advice from a Veteran: Energy Boosters to Survive Conferences

My secret to sprinting from conference to conference with more energy than espresso-infused Rock Star? “Adrenaline, pure adrenaline.” The truth? Adrenaline might get me out the door, but it doesn’t keep the pep in my…
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Twitter Mavens: I.E. The Top 5 Tweeps to Follow for Dreamforce ’14

Let’s be real, we’re going to glued to our phones just as much as the live action buzzing at #Dreamforce. I bet your Twitter app will be open next to e-mail, so why not take…
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