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DYK: 27% of DocuSign’s signing events occur on mobile devices

This varies a bit by industry. Looking at data from the past 12 months, we see signers who are leasing equipment or engaging in a sporting/entertainment event are most likely to use a mobile device. Whereas engaging with…
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DYK: Serial routing is more popular than parallel routing

Once you specify the files you wish to send, you can assign the routing order. Add the recipients who will receive and sign your document, or just receive a copy. Each recipient requires an email…
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DYK: 10% of active DocuSign customers use custom branding

Many customers find value in custom branding–38% of direct sales customers vs 5% of self-servicing customers—although some customers change the experience so thoroughly that users become unaware that they are using DocuSign. There are several places where a…
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DYK: Signatures have been cultural phenomena for over 5,000 years

The signature has been a powerful symbol throughout history. While its meaning has remained the same throughout centuries and across countries, its form has evolved, time and time again. We’re taking a journey through the…
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